Leading Ladies of Upcoming SBS Dramas: Moon Geun Young in The Village, Shin Se Kyung and Jung Yumi for Six Flying Dragons

Yoo Ah In is currently having it all with his hit movie and drama career, starting from Secret Love Affair last year to Veteran and The Throne (Sado) this year. Up next for him is headlining the SBS Mon-Tues sageuk drama Six Flying Dragons, and with it he’s continuing his streak of working with excellent leading ladies. Funnily enough, his costar in The Throne is Moon Geun Young, who will be headlining the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Village. Looks like six-degrees of Yoo Ah In to me, LOL.

Much as I adore Yoo Ah In, I also love all the upcoming SBS leading ladies as well so let’s take a first look at them filming. Up top is the first ever look at Moon Geun Young filming The Village, and from the BTS snap it appears that she’s filming the conceptual promos for the drama. I’m loving her head-to-toe styling for the role. Below are the first stills for the leading ladies Shin Se Kyung and Jung Yumi in Six Flying Dragons, with the former being paired up with Yoo Ah In and the latter married to leading man Kim Myung Min’s character.




Leading Ladies of Upcoming SBS Dramas: Moon Geun Young in The Village, Shin Se Kyung and Jung Yumi for Six Flying Dragons — 15 Comments

  1. Of course i will watch drama of Moonie , just give a glance drama of YAI but 50 episodes is too much for me ? I will try because i adore YAI ?

  2. I did not know that jung yoomi is in this drama. Ohhh so happy to know she is sherr, she was super super awesome in maids. I wish she and SSK changed roles, i think she can carry heavier scenes better.

  3. Moon had purple hair but had to cut her hair short because cops/investigators in Kdramas means = short hair 🙁

    She made an instagram guys!!! @aka_moons (her manager is following back the account and some namoo actors too!)

  4. MGY has been looking amazing lately, really feminine. The Village sounds really promising. The plot has already got me intrigued so I hope the writer knows how to drag the story all 16 episodes.
    English is not my first language so can anybody please explain me what did Koala meant with ‘Looks like six-degrees of Yoo Ah In to me’.

  5. I really hope SSK can do well, she receives so much criticisms on her past works until i feel pity of her. Glad that she keeps on working and not give up, theres fighting spirit inside her. Hope SFD will do well and slays the rating!

  6. I am a huge Moon Geun Young fan but not a fan of her drama choice. I am more excited to see Shin Se Kyung’s historical drama though! 😉

    • Certainly her last dramas were not good but at least Moon Geun Young honors her roles in action and she does not remain stuck on same roles as some actresses she is a versatile and talented actress! It must try everything whether good or bad that’s the job of an actor ?

  7. I cannot stand either Shin Se Kyung and Jung Yumi. Probably will not watch this drama because of these two lousy over-acting actresses.

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