C-movie Version of Grave Robbers Journal Stars Luhan and Jing Bo Ran Rather then the C-drama Leads

China seems to be on a trend of adapting a hit novel into both a drama and movie, but then does so in a way that doesn’t continue the trend of why the first adaptation was popular to begin with. After weeks of speculation on the casting of upcoming movie version of Grave Robbers Journal (Dao Mu Bi Ji and referred to as Dao Mu), which was recently made into the hit web drama The Lost Tomb, to no one’s surprise the powers that be went with two hot C-ent names for the movie leads rather than the two popular drama leads that already originated the roles for the screen. This is basically You Are My Sunshine casting redux.

The movie version of Dao Mu will star Luhan in the leading role of Wu Xie and Jing Bo Ran, coming off the biggest C-movie box office in years with Monster Hunt, as the second male lead of Zhang Qi Ling. The C-drama was a big hit this summer starring Li Yi Feng as Wu Xie and Yang Yang as Zhang Qi Ling, but since the movie version was announced there were murmurings that the production wanted bigger names for the big screen. Bummer for my Feng Feng and Yang Yang, and lucky for Luhan, who continues to conquer the Chinese entertainment industry, as well as Jing Bo Ran riding a lucky break after he was the last minute replacement in Monster Hunt for Kai Ko.


C-movie Version of Grave Robbers Journal Stars Luhan and Jing Bo Ran Rather then the C-drama Leads — 19 Comments

  1. I don’t think Luhan is really suitable for the role of Zhang Qiling. Anyway, was the drama a hit? I watched the first few episodes and I thought it was horrible.

  2. While luhan is known for flower boy pretty, I do think yang yang is prettier. Does that mean yang yang’s popularity will sky rocket soon?

  3. The web drama was a hit? Funny how I keep reading negative comments about it. The only hit web drama recently is Monster Killer, at least to my knowledge. Maybe because I don’t read in forums…

    • The web drama is a massive hit judging by how much views it got but it’s not critically well-received. Wu Xin the Monster Killer on the other hand is critically well-received and it’s super popular but not nearly as popular as the Grave Robbers web drama (the views totaled still loses out by far). So Grave Robbers still counts as a “hit”, though not so much critically.

      Anyways, Wu Xin The Monster Killer is such a great drama and I highly recommend to anyone who haven’t watch it. Probably one of the best Tang Ren production over the past few years. As for Grave Robbers, the web drama adaptation didn’t deliver much but fans will still watch it for the eye-candies.

  4. The movie version just had their press conference and some stills released. Luhan as Wu Xie and Jing Boran as the mysterious figure Xia Ge Zhang Qyling. The stills have Luhan and Jing Boran both in their movie costumes. Xia Ge of Jing Boran version looks like someone from the wuxia bagger clan…LOL…It’s really hard to have anyone else to replace the beloved image of Qyling in the drama version. Perhaps Jing Boran, as a solid actor, can redeem his style with his acting.

      • LOL…ppl take extreme opinions about Yang Yang’s haircut in the drama, either love it or cringe at it.

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