Jang Geun Seok, Sung Joon, and Lee Jong Seok Attend L’inoui Fall Fashion Event in Seoul

It’s rare to see so many of K-actors I like at the same fashion event so this one is totally worth covering. Jang Geun Seok, Sung Joon, and Lee Jong Seok all attended the L’inoui show this weekend, armed with style and a man bag in hand. I have no idea what the brand is trying to say with the tag line “Just Like Santa Ana winds”, because that’s totally my backyard weather advisory every fall and is never seen as anything positive since the dry winds bring allergy nightmares, itchy skin, and fire risk. Maybe the brand is trying to say their products are warm and dry, lol.

Aside from the perplexing tag line, the brand did a bang up job in roping in eye candy K-actors to attend the event, with Lee Jong Seok going for casual cute in red hair and sweater, shirt, and jeans combo, Sung Joon looking every inch the classic male model with a thin sweater under his tailored suit with too short pants (it’s still in, don’t ask me why), and Jang Geun Seok dressed like he just got off a Gulf Stream six-hour flight after a night of partying in Ibiza. I’m sure readers will point out Jang Geuk Seok appears to have put on a few pounds, and looks alarmingly like Bae Yong Joon, but I think he’s the type to gain and lose weight quickly so as long as he looks happy and healthy (as he does here) then it’s all fine with me.


Jang Geun Seok, Sung Joon, and Lee Jong Seok Attend L’inoui Fall Fashion Event in Seoul — 33 Comments

  1. Ughh i feel you on the santa anas, seriously hate them, every year I feel like my head is going to exploded … but I do like all 3 of those boys and jgs does look like he gained weight I’m wondering if it’s just the outfit\angle\night of eating ramen cause I s we ear I saw pictures of him a few weeks ago and he did not look that big

      • WOW…gossips are always the best!!! Who is “her”?? I’m dying to know…Throw us a bone, @lol!!!

      • erghh why cant you just accept their statement tht they arent dating… even if it’s true, the relationship isnt in tht serious stage for them to admit haha. i’ll just waiting for her wedding annoucement ermm maybe 5-6 years later just like her goal. marriage isnt her priority rigt now so i guess same thing goes for her relationship

    • Coukd you explain the working like a cow phrase? This seems a translation from another language. As a native English speaker, cows are not hardworking, they stand around and eat cud all day. The opposite of hard working.

      • LOL…hahaha I only know we say “working like a dog”. I think in our cultural mindset dogs rarely stay still and always run around energetically as long as they are off leash and HEALTHY.

      • I know the phrase ‘working like an ass’. But I guess, JGS wouldn’t like that comparison.

        As for cattle, only bulls work hard (by pulling plough). Cows peacefully graze.

      • I think it is indeed translation from Korean because Jongsuk used to be called lee jong cow (Suk writes as 석 in Korean and it looks like 소 which means bull or cow in Korean) since he worked so hard from late 2012 to 2014.

  2. I love all three of these guys and I think they all look amazing. JGS is a rocker, so the long hair suits him well. I don’t think he looks like a girl. He’s just adorable. LJS looks great and sports that hair style just fine. As for Sung Joon, he’s my favorite. Adorable, love his smile. I do wish his pants were just a bit longer though

  3. Just last night I saw JGS movie “The Baby And Me” in national tv, and I was wondering where is he now? And started to missing him. And now he appears here he he … He looks just fine here with a lil chubby cheek. Can’t wait to see him on a small screen soon 🙂

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