tvN Thriller Drama Blind Re-releases Drama Poster with Four Episodes Remaining Containing a Major Twist Reveal

Well this may just get me to start this drama heh. tvN Fri-Sat thriller (procedural, legal, serial killer mystery) Blind has been sailing rather under the radar. It started with 3.385% ratings but has since dropped to the mid-2% range for the majority of its run, with only 4-episodes left to air. Starring Taecyeon, Jung Eun Ji, and Ha Suk Jin, I’ve heard good stuff about it but personally haven’t been in the mood for this genre right now. The main drama poster above caught my eye when it was released as poor Taec just looks so put upon flanked by his two leads who seem to either want to protect him or strangle him. This week tvN released a new version of that poster above which is MAJORLY SPOILERY so I’ll hide it below the jump. Check it out if you’re watching the drama or don’t mind getting spoiled, I love this new twist to both the drama poster posing and also the new addition.

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