Go Lala Go 2 Releases Theme Song MV by Hebe Tian with New Movie Scenes

I have a feeling upcoming C-movie Go Lala Go 2 will be a solid hit. The style is in line with the hit Chinese chick flicks of recent years like the Tiny Times series, rather superficial in exploring themes of modern romance, career, and friendship, but visually slick and pretty enough to gloss over the lightweight aspect of it all. The movie is premiering November 11 on Singles Day in China and the production has already released tons of posters, stills, and previews, but for something I’m looking forward then I’m always open to see more.

Leads Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Bolin Chen are big enough names to open the movie big, but now they have additional help in top Taiwanese songstress Hebe Tian singing the official theme song. Hebe is one of my fave singers and this summer she’s already top of the charts by singing the theme song for runaway TW-movie hit Our Times. This song is pretty unforgettable but for Hebe’s singing elevating the package, but even better is the official MV with the song includes tons of new scenes from the movie. Woo hoo!

Hebe Tian’s theme song MV for Go Lala Go 2:


Go Lala Go 2 Releases Theme Song MV by Hebe Tian with New Movie Scenes — 7 Comments

  1. I get what you mean.. It does remind me of Tiny Times, just with slightly older characters. That doesn’t mean it isn’t watchable and entertaining, it’ll just be forgettable, unlike the earnest, moving, and genuine Our Times.

    • Have you seen the movie? How would you know its going to be forgettable? Please reserve judgement till after you’ve seen it in consideration foe the effort all the cast and crew put in.

      I for one did not enjoy the Tiny Times series, there was nothing there that wasn’t done before. It was a big let down after all the hype.

  2. Bring it!! I finally had a chance and motivation to catch up on tw entertainment and also watch the golden bells. Nostalgic in a way for me seeing all those faces that have been around a long long time.

    I admit not being a big fan of in time with you despite liking Ariel and bolin so much. But it is very difficult to pass up anything having the two of them in it and also Vic. I haven’t really watched him in anything since his last tw drama that he won for years ago now. Fluffy entertainment has it’s place so I go in with the right expectations 🙂 hehe pick bad boy bolin -he is a hottie.

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