Tangren Starts Filming Chinese Paladin 5 with Han Dong Jun, Na Zha, and Joe Cheng

It’s been a decade since Tangren produced fantasy wuxia C-drama Chinese Paladin and launched the careers of Hu Ge, Crystal Liu, and Ady An, and more than five years since the just as popular second helping with Chinese Paladin 3 which is credited for putting Wallace Huo, Tang Yan, and Yang Mi on the map. The CP series were all based on RPG video games, as well another Tangren fantasy production Xuan Yuan Sword, and now the production company is coming out with Chinese Paladin 5 with the Chinese title Yun Zi Fan (云之凡).

Tangren continues to use its self-produced dramas to launch the careers of new stars its agency stable, witness all those dramas starring Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, and Liu Shi Shi, and nowadays the company has been pushing Jiang Jing Fu and Gu Li Na Zha hard. CP5 will have a newbie leading man under Tangren’s label, a feller named Han Dong Jun, and this time he’s paired up with Na Zha as the leading lady. I’m super surprised to see TW-actor Joe Cheng‘s name in this cast as the second male lead, which is such a waste of his talents and charisma. As such I’m compelled to follow along with filming just for some Joe updates. Check out the first batch of drama stills below.


Tangren Starts Filming Chinese Paladin 5 with Han Dong Jun, Na Zha, and Joe Cheng — 25 Comments

  1. I can’t wait! Han Dong Jun totally caught my eye in Wu Xin the Monster Killer and if this goes to plan this would be a great launch for his career. Not only does he look charasmatic but he can act so charmingly as well. It’s been forever since I’ve seen any of the cp franchise and i remember enjoying them quite a lot. Now that theres been a surge in xian xia dramas who have all been attracting heaps of attention, Tangren sure knows what to produce 😉

  2. If they keep up the same formula, the second male lead usually has a more interesting storyline and shine and shines more than the protagonist. All of them, except the most recent one were played by Taiwanese actors. I’ve never really been impressed by Joe’s acting, but hopefully this can give him the push into the Chinese market.

  3. Han Dongjun is a much better and more natural actor than Joe from what I’ve seen so far. He also has a perfect body. He should go far if he keeps it up.

    • I saw. Chinese paladen 5 and I LOVED it. Joe Cheng was terrific, he took that role to new heights. He was so handsome, I almost didn’t recognize him. Don’t miss this. Elvis Han was wonderful and the rest of the cast was great.I look forward to whatever Joe desires to star in. He has come so far from ISWIK. Well done Joe Cheng. A devoted fan.

  4. Joe Cheng as an actor is meh but I don’t think Han Dongjun’s gonna be any better though. Personally, I think he’s not as hot. Anyway, Xiao Man was my fav character in the game so I’m not quite satisfied with this casting. They really should’ve done better.

  5. Yesh Ha Dong Jun!!!! Woo. His smile is just to die for. He was so awesome in WuXin The Monster Killer. I would say it was the best Cdrama from this year besides Journey of the Flower. I’m glad he is back. I only watched Chinese Paladin 3. I’m so going to watch the 5th for him. And thank god no more Yang Mi! And Jin Chen is also in this!! She is a new face/rookie but her acting is amazing!!

  6. It’s Elvis Han! Aww the WuXin OTP get to reunite in this. If Im not mistaken that’s Jin Chen second to the last pic. Too bad they aren’t paired up again.

    • I’m only up till ep 8 for 琅琊榜, so far it is decent for me, but it doesn’t hook me as much as 花千骨, but then again 花千骨 only hooked me after I read the novel…I prefer 伪装者, but it’s ending T_T Hope 琅琊榜 will get better in later episodes, I’m putting my faith in 胡歌.

      • It’s always been good for me but I assure you that it gets better. I’m at ep 19 and I’m at the edge of my seat for what is about to happen. 花千骨 I enjoyed quite a bit too. But there are some bits in the middle which I felt was a complete drag. Probably a matter of preference but 琅琊榜 has more pull for me.

      • Personally I think Nirvana in Fire is the best C-drama this year, followed by WuXin The Monster Killer (or perhaps The Disguiser, which many have praised). This is coming from a person who doesn’t speak Chinese and who’s only been ep 8 as well, but came back to ep 1-4 as they have just been English subbed. I enjoyed The Journey of Flower, but the editing is choppy, and IMO production wise it’s behind Nirvana and WuXin.

      • I found 琅琊榜 to be much better than 花千骨 in terms of both the plot line and production, but I guess if you have a preference for fantasy dramas you would like the latter more. I was really looking forward to 花千骨, but then it turned out to be a little, dare I say cheap and cliched whereas 琅琊榜 is very polished. I lost interest in it around episode 10 and I am a huge fan of Wallace Huo. But I guess to each his/her own.

  7. Joe Cheng is really something. No matter what genre or ridiculous hairstyle or costume he wears, he still manages to look so handsome and manga-like. His looks are out-of-this world! He could wear a rice sack and still rock it!

  8. I’m keeping a look out for this series cus of Han Dong Jun!! But can they make him look any less attractive in this series -_-” He killed it in Wuxin The Monster Killer with his looks and acting!! My heart cries at the end lol. I definitely recommend this over Hua Qian Gu any day… that series crashed and burned my Wallace 🙁 like… I might have preferred him in Xiao Ao Jiang Hu and that’s saying a lot cus that was one hella urgh drama.

  9. Gu Li Nazha looks incredible! If only she had the acting chops to go with it. Also Joe does not look good in anything set in a period, it’s been so long since I’ve liked any of his recent projects. I want him to do a straight up 16 ep TW rom-com.

  10. Looks like Elvis Han is Tangren’s new poster boy ! But can you blame them they just found a guy who’s a triple threat of looks, can act his socks off, and that bod… He was impressive as Wuxin you never woulda thought he’s a newcomer based on his acting in that series.

    Joe Cheng on the other hand I’ve never been impressed with his acting but I have to say has that aura which makes him look amazing in ancient costumes (and modern). Chinese actors/actresses I find usually either pulls off that ancient costume look or they don’t, and that number is limited to a handful when it comes to absolutely rocking it as if they are a person of that time. Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi, Hu Ge, Yan Kuan and Lu Yi are a few that comes to mind… and surprisingly Taiwanese idol Joe Cheng

  11. Im so much inlove with Wuxin: The Killer Monster. I like its genre and most of all Han Dong Jun. I cried so much like river in the last two episode. Becuase Yue Ya died :'( But anyway, it dont stop me from looking more movies if Han Dong Jun. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! Hes so handsome, whaaaa..

  12. I love Han Dong Jun and Gina Jin in Wuxin the monster killer. Their chemistry is really cute and good. I love love it so much. Highly recommended but this drama is so underated. In CP5, Han Dong Jun look fugly with his purple hair. I more prefer the second lead story between Joe Cheng and Gina Jin. Hope more storyline for them in the sequel.

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