Kim Soo Hyun Bags Second Daesang in a Row at the 2015 Korean Drama Awards

I’m sure the list of winners at Friday night’s Korean Drama Awards 2015 will certainly generate lots of buzz, mostly of the dismay and headshaking variety no doubt. This is one of those awards shows that are already low on the legitimacy totem pole, but having the Daesang go to Kim Soo Hyun in Producer for the second year in a row win basically drops it to zero validity. I just wish the boy would start turning these downs behind-the-scenes, because the more he wins the more his genuine acting talent becomes subsumed to his overexposure and K-ent’s now absurd levels of fawning.

Kim Soo Hyun won this particular Daesang over acclaimed veteran Yoo Dong Geun in What’s With My Family, a drama that was the biggest ratings hit in 2014, and over Ji Sung career breakthrough revelatory performance in in Kill He Heal Me. I loved Kim Soo Hyun’s return to dorky in Producer but that was no Daesang-worthy performance any way I look at it. The rest of the winners were no better, with Kim Tae Hee getting a pat on the back for Yongpal, Lee Jong Seok winning for Pinocchio in a very good but not super great turn, but Misaeng taking Best Drama probably is the one thing no one will want to argue about. Thank god for little wins. Check out the full list of winners below.

Grand Prize (Daesang)
What’s With My Family – Yoo Dong Geun
Kill Me Heal Me – Ji Sung
Yongpal – Joo Won
Hwajung – Cha Seung Won
Producer – Kim Soo Hyun

Best Drama
Kill Me, Heal Me
Heard It Through the Grapevine

Best Screenwriter
I Remember You – Kwon Ki Yung
Yoona’s Street – Kim Woon Kyung
Yongpal – Jang Hyuk Rin
Misaeng – Jung Yoon Jung
Maids – Jo Hyun Kyung

Best Director
Misaeng – Kim Won Seok
Kill Me Heal Me – Kim Jin Man
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Ahn Pan Seok
Maids – Jo Hyun Tak
Producers – Pyo Min Soo and Seo Soo Min

Top Excellence Award, Actor
The Girl Who Sees Smells – Park Yoochun
Bad Guys – Park Hae Jin
Pinocchio – Lee Jong Seok
Misaeng – Im Siwan
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Yoo Joon Sang

Top Excellence Award, Actress
Yongpal – Kim Tae Hee
Angry Mom – Kim Hee Sun
Pinocchio – Park Shin Hye
I Remember You – Jang Nara
Kill Me, Heal Me – Hwang Jun Eum

Excellence Award, Actor
Misaeng – Kim Dae Myeong
Hwajung – Seo Kang Joon
I Remember You – Seo In Guk
Heard It Through the Grapevine – Lee Joon
Oh My Ghostess – Jo Jung Seok

Excellence Award, Actress
My Love Eun Dong – Kim Sa Rang
Let’s Eat 2 – Seo Hyun Jin
Producer – IU
High Society – UEE
My Spring Days – Choi Sooyoung

*Best New Actor: Chanyeol (EXO Next Door)

*Best New Actress: Lim Ji Yeon (High Society)

*Special Jury Award: Im Siwan (Misaeng)

*Star Award: Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015)

*Korean Drama Award:  Park Hae Jin (Bad Guys)

*Hallyu Hot Star: Kim Soo Hyun (Producer), Chanyeol (EXO Next Door)



Kim Soo Hyun Bags Second Daesang in a Row at the 2015 Korean Drama Awards — 71 Comments

    • I lost faith in the Daesang as a reliable indicator of merit a long time ago. And each year since, it just confirms my opinion that it is a boneheaded popularity contest, even worse than the Oscars – and that’s saying something.

  1. I’m just disheartened at this… I really hoped Ji Sung would get some recognition (I know I’m biased but I don’t care)

    And Lee Min Ho got lifetime achievement? Is that a typo? He hasn’t even been around for that long…

    • The Lifetime Achievement Award went to the veteran actress KIM Young Ae, not LEE Young Ae and Lee Min Ho. Some of the commenters seemed to have read it at Allkpop. But that Allkpop post has a misleading part.
      Both Lee Young Ae and Lee Min Ho won the Korean Wave Contribution Award at the SIDA this year.
      The Allkpop poster seemed to be confused with these two award ceremonies and two Young Ae actresses.
      Feel bad to see Lee Min Ho dragged into this irrelevant post and ridiculed because of the poster’s mistake at the other blog.

    • totally agree on questioning lee min ho’s lifetime achievement award. Really now.

      the award is suppose to RECOGNIZE achievements and serving the industry for practically a long time — not just bringing in the money as per popularity and fan base.

  2. Kim Soohyun is only good at crying.
    I actually liked him during DH and before. But I’m getting tired of his excessive. It’s not even deserving. His performances in YWCFS and Producers are nowhere near Daesang worthy.

      • How ironic that LMH’s fan is bashing another actor’s acting skills. Something tells me it’s going to be a field day for the kiddies in the playground today.

      • lol.. I ain’t lmh fan but I for sure know his better then that shorty.. aside from that stopping crying for screaming out loud

      • I’d guess I’d be embarrassed to admit being LMH’s fan too. Btw, name calling is not cool. And KSH is no where near short.

      • What is good and what is bad? there is no criteria off what is good and is bad today except what few arrogant individuals think.. if you use the real criteria of who is best for the people the answer is Easy and not even close..

        LMH is not a fraud or overhype is the actor of the poeple and if the people had the right to award cermonies. LMH would have taken millions of awards by now.. thats the best for and the true criteria of what is actully best.

        Lee Min Ho is the peoples actor you can’t touch that

      • KSH and the few arrogant in the industry is like a corrupt regime where LMH is the peoples voice and choice for liberation.. his basically the truth.

        He represent the poor and hardworking while The few arrogant individuals represent the elite and arrogant

      • @washa

        LMH is “the people’s actor”? LMAO. Just because he has a lot of horny teenage fangirls on social media doesn’t mean he’s a good actor. You know who has the most Twitter followers? Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. So please stop talking about how many fans LMH has, it says nothing about his talent level.

      • @omg?

        LMH is not a singer tho so you can’t really draw comparison from there.. its different worlds.. perhaps Van diesel could be decent comparison they both have awesome charisma..

    • @washa let’s on hold this arguement until your oppa comes back with a drama instead of doing cf and korean-chinese collab movie

  3. Again prove if the actors are popular and come from big companies, all the awards will come to them. I think, Korea should be shame with this kinda award ceremonies. And the actors also should reject those awards if they think themselves not deserve it. Just saying.

  4. So anyone That attended got an award and it was basically a popularity vote.. What a mess of an award function… The only deserving names i see is misaeng and park hae jin for bad guys!! Ji sung and kill me heal me being ignored once again makes me wish for a korean kanye west stunt, where someone goes to the stage and says “soo hyun’a im a let you finish but ji sung had one of the best performances of all times”..but the fact that all the winners are being brushed from the netizens and that only a handful of celebrities attended shows that no one really cares since the validity is nowhere to be found

  5. These awards are an insult to the great actors that get overlooked time after time. Ji Sung did such a great job in Kill me Heel me and is ignored.Kim Soo Hyun gets the Daesang award for producer, what a joke.

    Who is voting for these awards, Kim Tae Hee best actress WOW!!!
    and the joke of the night Lee Min Ho lifetime achievement award please…

  6. sigh what’s up with the award giving bodes in korean nowadays…i can understand for the big 3 public broadcast award but really popularity is everything… i really love kim soo hyun but ji sung’s credibility to pull of all the 7 characters in kill me heal me is more daesang-worthy than his dorky performance in producer. same goes to the actress top excellent award.i already gave up on that category since the other nominees are nowhere to be found last night but hwang jung eum really deserve it…
    meanwhile on the other side of the world shin hye is being a shopaholic monster in paris lol that girl

  7. I think awarding the one writer actually accused of plagiarism is what destroyed any little legitimacy these awards had. It’s 100% obvious it’s about nothing but ratings. Alot of people in SK and overseas are flabbergasted and I hope the award organizers are embarrassed as hell.

  8. Lee min ho did not win a life time achievement award,it was a mix up/mistake from allkpop,he got hallyu achievement award in Seoul drama awards and nothing on korea drama awards!get your facts right.

  9. Lee min ho did not get a life time achievement award,the haters who never see anything good in him are already out to have a bashing day,it was a typo from allkpop now focus on the ones who won let him be…anyway congratulations to the winners.

  10. If anyone deserved an acting award it would be Kim Rae-won for the drama Punch. He was simply stellar, as were his colleagues.

    Same for the writer of that drama. It was outstanding!

    While there were a couple of worthy contenders, Punch stood out among dramas this year.

    • Ι agree. Punch has the whole package and it’s a project that would have won several awards everywhere else but in K-ent: the story is fascinating (and original, the ensemble is outstanding, the performances are beyond comparison (especially the males leads are two of the best of their respective generations) and it came first in ratings in its time slot.

  11. Kim soo hyun getting “Daesang” for producers is so wrong. I like the guy. But his acting or the drama in itself is nothing to be called “Daesang” worthy. I would blame the award body for that. And kim tae hee winning top excellence is like the biggest joke. It should have been any other one in that list. For me, Kim hee sun(Angry mom) or park shin hye(pinocchio) were the choices. And yongpal screenwriter and that exo kid winning..haha..nt even gonna say anything abt that.. Top excellence should have been given to Im siwan. But they made some special awards and gave both LJS and siwan,each an award. So i am like ok.. whatever.

      • Haha.. No issues. Its not something to hold grudge on her at all. I was just stating my opinion. And congrats to your bias. She looked lovely in that dress. 🙂

      • Sure. She slept most of the drama and indeed it was so great and top excellence worthy. Sure. Over-rated or not, PSH’s performance in pino was miles better than KTH, imo and i will stick to that. And even if you think she is deserving than PSH, there are still three more ladies in that category. And if one is justifying her win against them ladies, then that would turn into a joke. So,

        To each their own!.

      • Park Shin Hye is one of the most boring actresses I’ve ever watched regardless of whichever drama she was cast in. She improved a lot in Pinocchio. But still, her facial and eye expressions can only convey one and very monotone emotion. LOL at the reasons why ppl are so thrilled at her acting in Pinocchio.

    • Oh hahaha LOL…Not a fan of any nominees including Kim Tae Hee. But if she had not won, then other nominees would not have deserved the award either. I watched all these dramas. So is it basically just personal preference regarding which actress is more impressive with their role? For me, Kim Tae Hee did a great job portraying the conflicting heiress. As to other nominees, some of them are excessive and some are bland to me.

  12. When joowon ,who is a better actor then all of them ,didn’t revive an award even though of his great performance in yawnpal, sigh ,just proves these award shows are nothing but a popularity contest

  13. I do like kim soo hyun (tho i didn’t finish producer) but another daesang? and over Ji sung? hmm..

    I think an actor playing 7 different characters desreves that or at least Top Excellence (but that doesn’t mean i think LJS don’t desrves it either..on the contrry)

    No comments on Misaeng since i didn’t watch it yet (waiting for it to be subbed in my language since i want to watch it properly)

    Best writing for Yong pal? say what now? it was good in the first episodes than went downhill shortly aftter. not that it was worse but not great..

    KTH ?oh that means the judges watch all the drama then? and still awarded best writing?

    Glad for lim ji yeon and sooyoung. they did well in their dramas.

    I know it’s out of the blue award and just random but i was so so happy for Park Hae jin that he received something! he was amazing in Bad Guys! hope that next year he well get for CITT 🙂 i agree about his growing popularity and he so deserves that after years being in the shadow as second’s his turn to shine now!

    Btw were i the only one that noticed that both PHJ and SKJ were doing some mark which related to Chese In The Trap with their hands? (yeap i’m a die hard fan of the webtoon)

    KSH was so cute when she got an award! like a little princess..this one going to be great female lead.

    And lastly i’m glad at least the OST of KMHM got recognition -_- it is really one of the best OST this year..

  14. As much as I liked KSH’s acting in Producers, the performance was not even worthy of an Excellence award, let alone a Daesang. But then again an idol who even his fans call a terrible actor won Best New Actor, so why bother?

  15. good that he won the best award of the night. was rooting for ji sung/him.

    lol at KTH winning top actress award. it should have gone to PSH cuz her counter partnr win the top actor it only right she bang the top actress award too.

    excellence actress award. they all not that good at acting. my pick would have been SHJ let at 2.

    new actress: well she did shine in HS so am ok with her taking home the rooking award.

  16. These awards are a total joke. It’s such an insult to the actors/actresses who actually DO do a great job, and don’t just ride off their looks and popularity. Kim Soo Hyun is totally overrated and still has a long way to go in order to even be compared to some of these veteran actors. Even though I enjoyed watching YWCFTS, it was all Jun Ji Hyun wgo carried the drama. Kim Tae Hee winning is almost hilarious, while Chanyeol winning best new actor just took the awards to a new level of BS.

  17. what were they thinking giving the best actress to kim ta hee? dont u have to act to get th award?

    daesang should go to ji sung.

  18. Pffffft! OKAY! lol I don’t ever really trust Korean award show. It’s as if it is a popularity contest and not a proper award ceremony. You have a higher chance of winning if you have a larger group of followers/fans. lol I’m surprised not more idols are winning since they are taking over more and more acting roles. (sigh) Some idols can actually add… but when I say some, I mean SOME and not many.

  19. When i see Yong Pal winning the best writing, i literally snorts. And then i scroll over and see no Ji Sung for Daesang… I laughed.

    *close site*

    This award is not credible for my taste.

  20. These results HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Kim Tae Hee for the Top Excellence Acting? She is indeed this year’s Han Ga In in Moon embracing the sun.

    The fact that KSH’s basic performance is even considered a Daesang nominee is already a joke in itself. Now he just won award based on name recognition alone. The dude can fart for 16 hours worth of a series and can still receive an excellence award for that.

    Yongpal for best writing? LOLOLOL

    Only Misaeng, Im Siwan and Park Hae Jin got the rightful recognition.

    Ji Sung you are the real Daesang winner in my heart.

  21. If the product is good it will sell. In other words, the consumer has the final say so when NHK has decided to stop airing Korean dramas in Japan for the simple reason that the product does not appeal to Japanese TV audience now, what does that tell you about Korean dramas? IMHO the quality sucks compared to a decade ago.

    • Ah that’s so true, perhaps. I was thrilled when I started to watch K dramas almost 2 years ago. But now I’m kinda getting really bored and haven’t been able to finish through any new dramas. Do you happen to know any good old-day K dramas? Thanks.

  22. This overrated guy has more awards under his belt than dramas & movies in his dramo / filmography and of course, no less important, a planty money make endorsements. Gosh, his non-acting is considered constantly an acme of acting and awarded, this time with Daesang, yeah right…

  23. LOL I just don’t care much about the awards nowadays. These young Hallyu stars in their 20s drew me into K dramaland. But soon I found they’re boring compared with older ajhusses like Lee Bum Soo, Lee Seo Jin, and Jang Hyuk etc. Now I rarely finished through any currently or recently airing K dramas. But I got hooked up with some old dramas like On Air, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, and Lovers, etc…Those old-time productions have less gimmicks but more artistic and literary substance to keep me live through the stories with the great cast. So, forget about what or who has got any awards. I just don’t care much. LOL…They are irrelevant to me now. I’ve been basically browsing through archives to find something interesting to watch. Does anyone have any good recommendation of old day dramas?

    • I liked Beautiful Days, Spring Days, Bad Love, General Hospital 2, Save the Last Dance for Me, the jdorama Pride. I’ve been watching for 3 years and I’ve seen pretty much everything, lol! But I wouldn’t mind any suggestions…

      • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check them out. Now I found many new dramas are just copycats of old day stories.

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