Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook Picked Up by MBC for Wed-Thurs Drama

I’m sure tons of folks will be thrilled to hear this drama news – Goodbye Mr. Black has been officially revived! I never thought it was totally dead, that makes no sense when the drama has a writing-directing team already and finished casting the main leads. Whereas when drama projects like the shelved Shin Mina rom-com Let’s Have Dinner Together get put on hiatus, it’s harder to revive when only one piece of the puzzle was in place.

Goodbye Mr. Black was basically a few steps from crossing the proverbial starting line when things blew up with original airing network SBS, now the drama is in the hands of rival network MBC. K-news is reporting that Goodbye Mr. Black has been picked up by MBC and will air in the Wed-Thurs time slot in early 2016. Even better news is that the originally cast leads of Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, Kim Kang Woo, and Song Jae Rim are all remaining onboard.

Right now MBC is airing rom-com She Was Pretty in the Wed-Thurs time slot, with the drama scheduled to wrap up its run in the first week of November. After that is the drama remake of K-movie Marrying the Mafia called Sweet Family (see the recently released script reading picture below). The drama Sweet Family has already cast Girl’s Day‘s Mina as the young female lead (groan), daughter to Jung Woong In and Yoo Sun‘s mob couple. The rival mob parents are played by Jung Joon Ho and Moon Jung Hee, and it basically reads as a drama comedy about gangster parents and their kids Romeo and Juliet romance. That means Goodbye Mr. Black will likely follow Sweet Family and air in the first weeks of January 2016.

sweet fas


Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook Picked Up by MBC for Wed-Thurs Drama — 30 Comments

  1. so……happy, this is the only upcoming drama that i wait to air, lately only few drama that i watch n now i don’t have anything to watch

    • I find the MCW vs SJK match exciting…haha! Poor Chaeki shippers…oh wait that includes! Still, this is surely something I’m looking forward to next year!

  2. OMG! excited for this! Moon Chae-Won unni and Lee Jin-Wook oppa, i adore them so much! I don’t like oppa’s drama this year, hope he revive his image in this one, fingers cross!

  3. LJK btter not ruin this drama by acting all cute again. that/HJW acting cute is what ruin the drama.

    MCW pick a bad drama to star in. she need to star with a guy like KSH. so she will be more popular in china.that were all k-actor/actress get most of their money from.

    • MCW is an actress who is more hungry for quality productions and more challenging roles rather than popularity. Ask her who are the actors she wants to star with and she probably answer actors like Hwang Jung Min,Ryu Seung Ryong..

      • +1

        It might be rare but yes. She is someone who’s not really into popularity but more into something that she is interested doing. The girl even said that she doesn’t want to do photoshoots or variety shows if it isn’t conpletely necessary for the promotions or her dramas/movies and that’s what she did. Always prefer to go hide without a trace ( all) when there’s no acting projects.

    • Oh c’mon!!! 3 things:
      1. KSH is so overrated. I consider his acting mediocre.
      2. LJW didn’t ruin TTWWNIL. He’s not the one who’s acting all cute. Get your facts right.
      3. Chaewon is a chaebol! Lol! She’s not working/acting for the sake of money. It’s her passion dear.. She loves what she’s doing and that’s not because she’s earning..

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