New TW-drama Taste of Love Looks Adorable with Leads Vivian Sung and Bryant Chang

Just having Vivian and Bryant together is enough for me to check out this new TW-drama, but the opening theme song and MV sequence is the unexpected icing on the cake. TVBS is jumping on the cooking theme bandwagon with Taste of Love (Chinese title 唯一繼承者 The Only Heir), but unlike the kindergarten level Love Cuisine on SETTV that is wasting Lego Lee‘s everything, this drama actually looks rather promising. Starring Taiwan’s IT actress of the summer Vivian Sung, the female lead of the box office smash throwback movie Our Times, Taste of Love has her playing a local travel guide with a love of Taiwanese cuisine who gets involved with male lead Bryant Chang‘s heir of a famous restaurant. Second leads Hero Tai and Yang Ching round out the main cast with their own secondary love story, and overall the vibe from the previews seems cute without the aura of being dumbed down. Check out the drama pictures and previews, especially the fantastic opening sequence that elicits a satisfied smile from me each time I rewatch. 

Previews for Taste of Love:


New TW-drama Taste of Love Looks Adorable with Leads Vivian Sung and Bryant Chang — 14 Comments

  1. Agree with what you say about ‘Love Cuisine’ wasting Lego’s everything. I was so looking forward to a great drama from Lego since the last awesome drama ‘In a Good Way’, but its not to be… I have only watched glimpses of it and thats all i can take.

    Hope Lego’s next project will be a much more lively drama that brings out his best…

    Looking forward to ‘Taste of Love’…it seems to have a more interesting story line.

    • MTE. i watched love Cuisine and couldnt continue after ep 5, it was such a waste of time and for the actors just waste of talent.. Lego looks hawt but the storyline was meh.. just super meh..

      gonna give taste of love a try.. hope it wont turn bad..

  2. Oh man I kept seeing this advertised over at viki but never bother to even look at it so I had no clue Bryant was the male lead now I have to watch this so excited I just love him

    • Ditto. I have been on a long, very long, hiatus from Taiwanese dramas, after years of crappy productions, with horrendous acting and extremely annoying characters, z-level comedy, etc. By chance I picked up Moon River and that surprised me, perhaps because the female character is strong and doesn’t speak with a whiny tone, lol. I will add this to the list, especially since Kdramas have been sucking lately.

  3. Okay, so now I know where to shop in Taiwan *cough*RT-mart*cough*. Thanks, ppl, for the “tip”. Other than that, the top still had me wonder – is he looking at her armpit? Oo

  4. I’m not sure why…but I’m really not liking the short cuts on these actresses. Not that I’m against short hair…but the cuts are really distracting to me.

  5. i guess i’m one of the few who’s actually enjoying love cuisine?
    not a big fan of Vivian but the first episode of this show feels not too bad. and i really like the theme songs (start and end) of taste of love. anyone watching 愛上哥們?

  6. I love Bryant and Jasper in I’m Sorry I Love You, he’s a versatile actor, he can play both nerdy and handsome characters well enough. I’m on the fence for this one. I love TVBS cinematography but I’m not too keen on cuisine dramas, I’ll wait for more episode before I marathon this.

  7. Tried EP01, can’t take the lead guy’s acting, so force… and please, “can’t you practice your Cantonese lines to acceptable level, your character is from Macau and you can’t even speak in a correct Cantonese accent. I cringe each time you deliver your lines.”

    I recommend “Bromance”, a light romantic comedy.

  8. From the first episode it already seem to be so romantic. Wowww you must be curious for the end!!!

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