Ji Sung and Hu Ge Win Special Awards at the 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference

There’s finally an awards commendation that I can get onboard with, it’s not much but better than nothing. The 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference kicks off in Kyushu, Japan next month on November 4th, not an awards show but a gathering of industry big wigs to assess and plan the future of Asian dramas. It’s clearly not limited to K-dramas, but the consensus big three regions are Korean, Japan, and China, with the latter making huge strides in the last few years in quality and breadth.

My favorite drama this years from any country is far and away the period C-drama Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang), a work of art and intellect blended into masterpiece theater. And my second favorite this year was Kill Me, Heal Me from Korea, a drama that by all accounts shouldn’t have worked and instead worked for me in every way. That’s why hearing the news that Ji Sung and Hu Ge are being given an award at the conference fills me with glee – Mei Chang Su (i.e. Lin Su) and Cha Do Hyun being recognized is like balm for my drama loving heart.

The Asian TV Drama Conference plans to give an award to two individuals from each of the major drama producing countries for their contribution to the development of drama excellence. From Korea the winners are PD Kim Ji Man who directed Kill Me, Heal Me, and the leading man from said drama Ji Sung. Hu Ge, who hit a triple homerun this year with three hit dramas in Nirvana in Fire, Disguiser, and Good Times, will get awards for his great drama acting, and also being acknowledged is director Xia Xiao Ju who directed Hu Ge in Good Times.


Ji Sung and Hu Ge Win Special Awards at the 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference — 39 Comments

  1. Oh my freaking gosh…. Two of my favorite leading man… Hu GE and Ji Sung. With both of their drama which are my favorites shows of 2015 now are getting an award…. So happy for my two man… They deserve it for their awesome performance and the directors too….

    • Can I just say how much I love nirvana in fire, I usually don’t like watching political period drama but this one got me on the edge of my seat. The bromance in here are to die for…

  2. Just wondering.. Are you going to write something about Nirvana in Fire? It’s the hottest thing in China right now even though it already ended a few weeks ago, but I rarely see the international fandom talk about it.

    • It’s a shame really that it’s not getting more international fandom attention. If you haven’t seen it I really recommend it. I know people who haven’t liked it for dialogue, storytelling, and other various reasons, but I know more people that loved it. For me, I felt like it faltered a little towards the end but everyone’s different. And I don’t think a drama has to be perfect or loved by everyone to be great. Nirvana in Fire really needs a post, Koala! We need a place to spazz!!

      • I thought nirvana is doing good internationally… It’s airing in korea also other part of Asia country and it’s going to air in the US too… I love this drama

      • Its a pretty great drama, the best historical chinese drama i have seen and i say that as mostly more fan of K-drama, J-dramas. Im watching it in Viki right now and waiting for more eng subbing. Its a very smart drama, brilliant written and so well acted. I never knew Hu Ge before this other than seing Koala mention his historical romantic leads. He is so great Mei Changsu. Now im following his dramas in Viki with Good Times.

        I have seen even Nirvana in Fire being mentioned in Dramabeans,other korean drama sites so there is international love for the drama its just there is no big english language fansites to talk about quality C-dramas other when Koala, other C-drama fans write post,comment it in this site.

  3. At long last! Finally, Ji Sung wins an award. Big applause. Better late than never. I am not sure how much politics goes into this but I’m guessing it is less than the networks and so this award should count for more by those who take the industry seriously.

  4. Both of those dramas are my favorites for the year too. I’m on episode 37 of Nirvana in Fire and dreading the violence Xia Jiang will probably do to Mei Changsu which he has already planned for.

  5. Lang Ya Bang is just amazing. Anyone who hasn’t watched it yet should really go and give it a spin. It’s my drama of the year by a long shot. It’s not just the acting but the brotherhood, the friendship that’s on display that’s so heartwarming to see. Granted it’s not without it’s faults, but what isn’t? A drama doesn’t have to be perfect to work, and this drama really worked for me on so many, all different kinds of levels. For anybody who hasn’t seen Nirvana in Fire yet, GO RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ^^

  6. It’s high time Ji Sung and KMHM was given merit and recognition. This award, coming from a conference for the big wigs in the industry, is more meaningful than these rubbish popularity awards they put on in South Korea.

  7. I don’t watch c-dramas usually but Nirvana got me hooked and i was waiting past 12midnight everyday to catch the latest episodes. After it ended i had to watch Disguiser to cure my withdrawal symptoms(the cast is basically the same). Glad for Hu Ge, i cannot get enough of his historical dramas!

    • Omg yes to everyone upstairs, i love lang ya bang so much! Stayed up late everyday to watch it. And love Hu Ge! Really like the way he is maturing. <3

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  9. Someone recommended Nirvana in Fire to me through this website a few weeks ago. OMG, it’s definitely the best drama I’ve watched in a long long time!! The writing, acting, costume, everything is amazing!!
    Koala, I’m so glad you created a website like this who gives us a more global view of all Asian dramas. I don’t have to watch Korean drama if my time can be spent watching something as good as nirvana in fire.

  10. *TEARY EYES* CHUKAE URI JISUNG OPPA!!! FINALLY HUAAA FINALLY!!! THIS ONE IS THE MOST WISE-AWARD CEREMONY EVER!!! cuz he deserves it! so many good actors in Korea, but not all of them can pull 7 personalities in one drama. none! even the famous one with super hit drama, failed with 2 personalities only.. sigh.

    so happy for hu ge as well. since he gets the award, i hope his drama will be subbed into eng too haha.. amen 🙂

  11. Hooray ji sung got an award. ???????????? He deserved it. Heal me kill me is a wonderful great drama. Ji sung’s acting surpassed many actors but yet he was underrated
    And hooray for PD kim ji man too

    Ji sung I wish he has many more Korean dramas to act

    • Try watching Good Times – a modern ,romantic and light drama. Best part is we get to see Hu Ge’s smiling face, healthy and handsome ! The female lead is strong, pretty and has good chemistry with Hu Ge!

  12. First time comment here even though I have been stalking your blog for years, sorry Capt. K! What pulled me out of silent reader shell is your mere mention of the truly wonderful and heartwrenching “Lang Ya Bang”. Oh, how I love love love Xiao Su but I do not dare to fight against our fearless Ni Huang. Somehow, everyone in the show but her has a happy ending, she has waited 12 years long to reunite with Lin Su gege just to have some brief moments together before seeing him off knowing that this could be their last farewell. I cried so much when she received the (last) letter from Lin Su gege written with his old handwriting. I can’t imagine she would ever love anyone else in this life of hers.

    As Lin Su gege is Ni Huang’s, from beginning to end, could I be Jing Wang’s concubine, and I can take care of Fei Liu (isn’t he such a cutie pie?)
    Sigh… the last time I was this crazy was when Secret Garden’s airing.

    So Captain K, Lang Ya Bang indeed needs / deserves a (series of) post(s) where all of us fans can spazz / cried about it… Pretty please with sugar on top.

  13. I enjoy Lang Ya Bang very much! I just couldn’t stop and finished the series. Please write a review or something on it! Would love to hear your thought about it. Tight plot and soooo well acted by every cast.

  14. I wonder if everyone watched the 5min epilogue after the nirvana final episode? There may be people who don’t know it exists just wanna give a headsup.

  15. Chukai Ji sung. When is your next Korean drama? Wish to see u again – you are a great actor! Especially in portraying so many personalities in Kill me Heal me. Many actors withdrew from it but u took up the challenge and do it superbly well ?????????

  16. Lang Ya Bang is such a good drama I’m so happy for Hu Ge for getting an award he deserves it (his performance was so true to the character). So happy for Ji Sung he displayed an amazing performance. Anyone who is reading this article and haven’t seen “Nirvana in Fire”, I implore you to watch it, best asian drama of the year and no I’m not exaggerating the story is so intriguing and captivating compared to all other Asian Dramas released this year IMO.

  17. Yea Ji Sung thank you for Kill me Heal me. It is an eye opener on multi personalities. Becos of this drama , I will not look anymore at such people as being handicapped or sick !
    Thank you for pd Kim Ji Man for taking up drama which is to me educational
    Thank you to the script writer for not giving up despite so many withdrawals from the actors. You must be a thoughtful and compassionate person to have had written this script.

  18. OMG!!! YAY!!! for KMHM team and SUPER DUPER YAY!!! for JI SUNG!!! (*happydance*) He finally gets the recognition that he so deserves and I LOVE IT that it’s based on all the 3 Asian entertainment industry-.. WOW KMHM!!! represented Korea and was awarded too (*poking tongue at the other Award shows in Korea*).. Im so giddy now.. Thank you Koala for this article.. you’ve made my day.

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