Ji Sung and Hu Ge Win Special Awards at the 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference

There’s finally an awards commendation that I can get onboard with, it’s not much but better than nothing. The 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference kicks off in Kyushu, Japan next month on November 4th, not an awards show but a gathering of industry big wigs to assess and plan the future of Asian dramas. It’s clearly not limited to K-dramas, but the consensus big three regions are Korean, Japan, and China, with the latter making huge strides in the last few years in quality and breadth.

My favorite drama this years from any country is far and away the period C-drama Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang), a work of art and intellect blended into masterpiece theater. And my second favorite this year was Kill Me, Heal Me from Korea, a drama that by all accounts shouldn’t have worked and instead worked for me in every way. That’s why hearing the news that Ji Sung and Hu Ge are being given an award at the conference fills me with glee – Mei Chang Su (i.e. Lin Su) and Cha Do Hyun being recognized is like balm for my drama loving heart. Continue reading