Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryong Impress in Official Posters and Stills for The Sound of a Flower

Consider me pleasantly pleased with everything I’ve seen so far from upcoming sageuk movie The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga). Starring Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryung, the movie chronicles the life of the real first female pansori singer Jin Chae Sun, and her mentor as well as pansori legend Shin Jae Hyo. It’s basically the movie and pansori version of Painter of the Wind, which was the drama and painting story of a female painter impersonating as a man in order to paint during Joseon era.

Moon Geun Young made a name for herself playing the cross-dressing lead in Painter of the Wind and it’s going to be hard to put Suzy up to the same high standard, but I want to give Suzy the chance to do well enough to merit her getting such high profile roles. She looks drop dead gorgeous in the official movie poster above, channeling a youthful modern version of the hanbok style of Lee Young Ae. It’s high praise but I certainly wasn’t expecting Suzy to really shine visually in this drama so kudos to her. Ryu Seung Ryong just does his thing so effortlessly, basically the textbook definition of an actor’s actor.

Highlight from Dorihwaga press conference:


Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryong Impress in Official Posters and Stills for The Sound of a Flower — 34 Comments

  1. where is Kim nam gil poster 🙁 it turns out she’s pretty well wearing Korean tradition. she looks like a hard-working girl.

    • the poster is indeed heavily photoshopped! her real face, the average looking one is obvious all over in the video trailer and camera stills. that’s what you get with overhype actresses, to much editing and magic needed behind the screen. tsk,tsk.

      • Hahahaa, jelous detected..
        Before you comment, you should research first.. At least you didnt embarrased yourself. ??

  2. Suzy is a pretty a girl so I was expecting her to look good (and my shallow self was actually waiting for her posters). But she looks, surprisingly, so lady-like and more ‘beautiful’ than ‘cute’ in that first poster. She definitely looks cute in the second one tho. And what about Kim Nam Gil? I haven’t heard anything about him :O

  3. I’m not suzy fan or anything. but just want to state my dissatisfaction with this half-assed reporting. You haven’t watched the movie or anything and dragging another actress to drag her down was really unnecessary for this writting at all. this slyly reporting annoys me and pitting two stars at a time reporting together in one article etc etc.

    I can’t believe that some people actully think your civilized but your nothing then a wounded animal who has anger issues towards celebs you do not know personally. if you want to go after them do it on the comment with hidden usernames that would be more suitable for you. other then that you need help asap. I seriously believe you have mental issues and inferiority complex

    • While I do think that Koala has a tendency to be a bit blunt in her writing, I don’t think she has said anything negative about Suzy in this article for you to criticise her the way you did. Calling her mental and a wounded animal with anger issues? that just makes you worse for calling out on someone who is uncivilised and then bashing her with even more hurtful words. So if you’re trying to get your message across, you’ve obviously failed.

    • Well, I AM a Suzy fan, and I can’t for the life of me see what’s so horrid and offensive about this post o.O I mean not even Suzy’s more hardcore fans who think she was great in GFB (yes, they exist) would dare to put MGY and Suzy on the same level, acting-wise, so saying the first has performances of higher standard, that the second has yet to reach, is NOT hate.

      Suzy gets so much crap from so many people, for so many things, practically every day, and THIS post is what ticks you off?

      • I have humble stated that I’m not a suzy fan and If I want to shade anything I would have hidden as her fan but no I don’t go like that. I’m absolutely not suzy fan as clear as it is and just got rubbed the wrong way. I’m Kang Sora fan. I absolutely don’t like koala and I believe some other fans would have shout her blog down long time ago. she is absolutely not popular amongst many. very anti-climax articles with poor taste and intend written. its rather fanfic or fanpage nothing more or less

      • @Always Well, you have every right to not like Koala or her blog, you can even think her writing sucks or whatever…… but if that’s the case, what exactly are you doing here? And to leave such an aggressive comment too? O.o

      • @always Kang Sora is not even mentioned in this article …. unless you are really a moon geun young fan I might understand it. Suzy fans are nice as long as you are not rude about their favs ?

    • @always. I was looking high and low for any negative reference towards suzy but I found none.the worst part is you not even suzy fan. I think you are the one who has mental issues and may be this is a hint to visit your psychiatrist as visual hallucination is part of psychotic symptoms. you need help.asap

  4. It`s not like this movie can do bad, it has Ryu Sung Ryung in it, most of the people will still go to see it despite Suzys mediocre acting.She is really lucky that she gets super poplar male costars so she can relay on their popularity/talent to get her trough these type of projects.I always have this hope Suzy will have her break trough moment where she surprises me with her acting, like Go Ara, but it never happens.

    Also who ever chose that dress she wore on press conference needs to be fired, shes 20 not 40 years old.

  5. Why is this Suzy trying so hard to look like Yoon Eun Hye??? That hairstyle and dress. Oh I get it, she must have been a big fan of Princess Hours/ Goong!

    • cont… well she may copy YEH all she want, even do surgery to look like YEH, she might be fair skinned, but Suzy’s legs is freaking weird, it’s like bow-legged shaped and too bad there’s no surgery to correct that. Only goddess Yoon Eun Hye has the perfect sexy legs among famous Hallyu stars.

      • I know what you are doing, you are pretending to be a Yoon Eun Hye fan while bashing another actress so Yoon Eun Hye will get bashed even more. I can see it from a mile away.

    • Please don’t say that it will only bring hate to YEH. It’s a traditional hanbok with a traditional hair style.

      No one denies that Suzy and YEH have similar features. If that’s what you meant to say, then fine but Suzy doesn’t have to put any effort to look like YEH when when they have similar features.

  6. Suzy might not be super popular or super pretty. But why should she try to look Like or copying controversial actress or plagiarsm designer ? Non sense.
    isnt it better copying goddess Jun ji hyun or Lee young Ae? XD.

    Looking forward to Dorihwaga.

  7. suzy is soo overrated, I feel sorry for other young actresses who has more talent than her. She also not so smart as she struggled to describe her own movie in one of the interviews.

  8. It’s getting hella frustrating to read the comments section here. Too much imature and ott people jumping on the Suzy hate bandwagon or even attacking Koala with their stupidity. Miss Koala, hope you get a moderator to control things here and that you don’t take to heart the nonsense some commenters says.

  9. I was just passing by and trying to find my Kim Nam Gil. Has anyone seen him? I’m pretty sure I heard he was casted in this movie. Gah!

    • No idea! The first news made it sound he was part of the main cast, but maybe he’s a (very important but) supporting character? I mean, if I had KNG in my movie you bet I’d put him in every poster, right there beside Suzy and RSR. I read there’s another longer trailer coming soon tho, so he must be in that one.

    • You’re not the only one waiting. There is suppose to be another 2 trailers. Hopefully one of them would be Kim Nam Gil centric.

  10. Suzy – lady like ? I guess you didn’t see the picture of her laughing line hyena .
    A classy and ladylike person would cover her mouth … Not a pretty sight for Korea’s sweetheart . I guess editing was not done or JYP would have stopped the press .
    Also Koaka is not objective when it comes to Suzy . It’s all ” I love Suzy. ” or let me write how many ways I can kiss her ass – lol
    Kiara – This is a blog not a soompi thread where there is a moderator – it’s no wonder you are a Suzy lover . Suzy – the blank beauty or” is there anyone home”

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