Nicky Wu Celebrates his 45th Birthday with Actress Wife Liu Shi Shi and Drama Costars

I never get tired of checking in on Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu, the now married costars who were the heart and soul of why the C-drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) was as unexpectedly good as it turned out. Compared to the extravagant weddings of fellow celebs like Huang XiaomingAngelababy or Jay ChouHannah Quinlivan, these two are the definition of low key. A bit too low key maybe, as they have yet to hold the Chinese wedding banquet celebration with their friends and family despite getting married earlier this year.

What they have done is lead really normal acting lives, each busy with their own dramas and movies but regularly taking vacations together, with the fans catching them in Venice during the summer and Japan this past spring. Nicky turned 45 years old last week and his wifey was there to celebrate along with their beloved pups. Nicky’s grey hair is dyed for a drama but actually looks good on him, he should be afraid of going salt and pepper when the time arrives. Nicky and Shi Shi are one of the star couples that I actually pray works out forever and ever, it would break my heart if they ever broke up.


Nicky Wu Celebrates his 45th Birthday with Actress Wife Liu Shi Shi and Drama Costars — 7 Comments

  1. My best wishes to this couple that they will be blessed to keep their love for each other and be happy with each other forever.

  2. love this couple and please be together happy like this forever. I love how low key they are and that why it makes me like them much more. LOVE LONGSHI

  3. They are absolutely adorable and they seem to really cherish each other and their relationship without having to flaunt it. So, so sweet.

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