First Stills of Ji Chang Wook in C-drama My Male God with Costar Wang Xiao Chen

Ji Chang Wook‘s entry into the Chinese entertainment market will be a one-two punch this November. He’s releasing an album this month followed by a multi-city tour, and while he’s at it he’ll also be filming an upcoming C-drama called My Male God. The drama news has been covered already but today comes the first official pictures from the production along with the reveal and rising C-actress Wang Xiao Chen will be his leading lady.

Wang Xiao Chen is currently on television with the modern drama Good Times costarring Hu Ge, which is great for raising her profile since Hu Ge is the drama man of the hour with two recent hit dramas Nirvana in Fire and Disguiser. My Male God will be directed by noted HK drama director Sammy Gao who directed wuxia dramas The Proud Twins and The Magic Blade, along with a Korean drama production and costume design staff. The drama will film in Shanghai and Seoul and will be released sometime in early 2016. 


First Stills of Ji Chang Wook in C-drama My Male God with Costar Wang Xiao Chen — 18 Comments

  1. Is there any info on what the drama is about? Other than it being a romcom? And I didn’t know ‘Nirvana in Fire’ was a hit but I can totally see why, I’m currently watching (my first ever C-drama) and it’s AMAZING. Also Hu Ge makes me feel things.

    • Exactly! I don’t get why he’s doing a chinese drama when mostly only chinese people will probably watch it vs doing a korean drama and getting international attention.

    • Yeah, top star status and Chinese dramas don’t really go together. There’s a reason LMH, KSH, Lee Jong-suk and so on stay away from them. Maybe he’s not getting any good offers in Korea, but that’s hard to believe.

    • I think it’s about money. We international fans are very narrow minded and only think the whole K entertainment world should revolve around us. But that’s not where the most profits come from. So why should a K entertainer pass the opportunities in China for the sake of international fans? According to a survey for example, Kpop has about 32% of fans in Chinese speaking regions, 30% fans in the rest of Asia, 16% in S. Korea, and the remaining other areas of the world. I would guess it’s similar for K drama. Although other Hallyu stars may not film any C dramas, they did take a lot of CF offers from China. It’s hard to refuse. Besides, there’re more and more Chinese fans who follow JCW since his dramas Empress Ki and Healer. It’s natural for him to ride on the tide before he’s enlisted next year. I don’t think that’s a bad strategy for him.

  2. Rather than being excited for Ji Chang Wook, I’m so excited that Wang Xiao Chen is going to star in this drama. I just finished watching Good Times yesterday and I loved her in it (of course Hu Ge was also amazing). I’m so glad I have something to look forward to. 😀

  3. I think Wang Xiao Chen is one of the most talented young C-actresses right now. She’s so versatile and natural. She was really great in Honey Bee Man (我爱男闺蜜) and Second Child Era ( 二胎时代) too. I usually check out everything that she’s in just for her. If you guys liked Good Times, you should check out some of her other work too!

  4. I’m so excited when I read her name on your title. So coincidence. I finished Good Times as well, and I love watching Wang Xiao Chen. She is so pretty. Also love their interaction in the drama. Hope her upcoming drama will be as good as this.

  5. Yes same as me after watch her at good times. I start watch her other drama. Second child era also good. Love her character. Her acting was natural, lovable, but not overact to. I find her acting better than tangyan or yangmi which have same expression in every character their play…its good she got more fame after play in good times with hu ge.hope wang xiao chen more success after playing with ji chang wook also.

  6. @jassar @lari
    Just a thought but the Chinese market (in terms of viewership) is huge! (pun intended, I think). But winning hearts in the c-drama will guarantee an influx of die-hard fans and a great deal of exposure for JCW. He’s got the acting chops and charisma for it…now it depends on the quality of the drama and sheer luck.

    • Good point. But I wonder if he’d be better off in china by choosing a k-drama of high quality (like LMH, KSH, LJS) vs a chinese drama of unknown quality since he’s not chinese and probably doesn’t know as much about the ins and outs of the chinese entertainment business. I hope it’s worth his time. 🙂

  7. In my opinion, it’s not necessarily bad for JCW not to film any K dramas now. K dramas nowadays are getting really cliche, predictable, lackluster, and what else can I come up with to describe how boring it is to watch K dramas nowadays? I rarely finish up any single one K drama this year, even some started promising plots and acting. Well, C dramas are collectively not as well produced as K dramas. But given good storyline and directing, good actors can have another breakout performance to make it a big hit. I hope this C drama, if not having potential to be as popular as some other big hits, would still expand Chinese fanbase for JCW. Good luck, man!

  8. I am an American,and my wife is from China.I watch American and Chinese movies. In my opinion Wang Xiao Chen is the best actress I have even seen. She is super and fantastic,in all scenes she is in.
    Movies,dramas,etc,she is the very best

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