Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo Angst Up The Imperial Doctress Premiering February 13th

This Saturday February 13th sees the premiere of period C-drama The Imperial Doctress, which has a good shot at being a hit with C-audiences since it looks decently pretty in visuals and has the potential for super angst. Starring Liu Shi Shi as the titular Imperial Doctress, she goes through the fabled Ming courts to become the first female doctor of that era, and along the way has a complicated romance with two Emperors of the Ming dynasty. I think Liu Shi Shi may need to worry about typecasting herself as the girl who keeps falling for Chinese emperors, first there was Bu Bu Jing Xin and now this. I’m already on team Wallace Huo who plays Emperor Yingzhong (Zhu Qi Zhen), not to diss solid actor Huang Xuan as second male lead Emperor Jingtai (Zhi Qi Yu) but he’s totally not my dish not to mention a dude who gets the girl first and then turns all power hungry for more is so not for me. Check out the final preview for the drama and additional pretty stills to whet the appetite. This drama looks legit visually, I just hope my ship sails in the end so I have a reason to keep watching. Continue reading

The Imperial Doctress with Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi Releases Dazzling Drama Stills

If C-production company Tangren wants to wash the stink off the milk-the-fans-for-money Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing, there’s a good chance it might succeed with the currently filming Ming dynasty medical period drama The Imperial Doctress. … Continue reading