Kim Hee Sun Plays a Hot Mom Princess in Guest Starring Turn in C-drama Ice Fantasy

Despite looking like a hot mess in the making, upcoming C-drama Ice Fantasy got the first decent looking aspect of the visuals in the guest staring presence of K-actress Kim Hee Sun. She’s done a C-movie before way back when in her early career days, and doesn’t seem to be jumping fully on the bandwagon train of Korean acting talent headed to China. So a guest starring turn in a high profile drama like Ice Fantasy seems like a win-win situation for her, if the drama looks as silly and chintzy as it appears in early filming and promo stills, at least her role is small and she could consider it a fun vacation of sorts. In the drama she plays a small but important role as Lian Ji, the princess mother to the younger prince of the Ice Tribe played by Ma Tian Yu, with of course a big secret in her background that will come in handy as the conflict heats up. She should thank her lucky stars not to have to wear the white wig, there is basically no way possible to make Asian stars appear believably ethereal in white hair.


Kim Hee Sun Plays a Hot Mom Princess in Guest Starring Turn in C-drama Ice Fantasy — 4 Comments

  1. This looks like it will be really funny. I can tell just from the stills put out before along with this. I know it’s not a comedy, but I laugh the most when it’s unintentional. Kim Hee Sun looks pretty though.

  2. Watching both of them looked like siblings instead mother and son. Their cheeks and smiles look so similar. Love this drama cos it’s my first-time to watch a fantasy dramas.

  3. First and only Chinese drama that make me feel so excited to watch and never miss any episode out because of Kim Hee Sun. She drove me to watch this drama and cinematography is so beautiful and great along with the storylines.

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