Yoo Ah In and Krystal are the Unexpectedly Fantastic New Spokescouple for Giordano Korea

So Ji Sub and Shin Mina‘s drama pairing in Oh My Venus was actually a long time dream come true for fans of either or both star since their stint as Giordano spokesperson. They managed to elevate simple basic attire into something straight out of a movie set thanks to their visual chemistry, but seeing them act it out in a story setting thanks to OMV has scratched that itch for me. So it’s nice and fitting to have them, and Kim Woo Bin in the interim, hand the Giordano baton off and there to take it is Yoo Ah In and Krystal of f(x). It’s an odd choice for a pairing but I’m really digging it, he looks young and carefree while she’s relaxed and warm, and together they pull off the model good looks and physique to turn Giordano attire into must haves even if the average customer could only aspire to look as good in the same clothes.


Yoo Ah In and Krystal are the Unexpectedly Fantastic New Spokescouple for Giordano Korea — 20 Comments

    • They clearly have the same good “side”, the left one. If they are ever pictured together they will not be able to look at each other, else one would have to give up their good side. 😉

  1. Cute – his boyish looks come out here. It’s been awhile if ever they had aomeone as boyish good as YAI. I did rather enjoy SJS and sMa when they did theirs together a while ago.

    • If you read it carefully, the article did mention KWB. It is just remind us the history of Giordano spokesperson. From SJS-SMA hot coupling, then KWB replaced SJS, and now come YAI-Krystal as the new spokesperson.

    • He’s VERY good. I still remember some photoshoots he did with Shin Min Ah and also the series right around Secret Love Affair.

  2. I am putting that as my wallpaper now. (2nd pic YAI in navy jacket)
    Photos turned out gorgeous in relax and pastel mood…mmmm… Love it!

  3. Yoo Ah In looks more natural and lively then Krystal. K-nets thought they look like posing for 2 different pictorials/products. I agree.

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