Lee Min Ho Playfully Parkours Around Sydney for Eider Spring 2016 CF

Lee Min Ho is certainly keeping busy in the just released Spring 2016 ads for sportswear brand Eider, which he was been repping for years now and continues to do a great job at utilizing Lee Min Ho the right way. He’s actually a star who gives me the impression that he’s both savvy and a workaholic at managing his career, hence I feel like he’s always busy even if he’s not constantly acting. Juggling a slew of CFs and other entertainment events like fan meetings and song releases and promo events, all of it combines into a juggernaut that has propelled him to one of the top spots among current Hallyu elite. I love this particular Eider series which has Lee Min Ho parkour-ing around Sydney and showing off the brand’s threads with his lean and long physique. Seeing the sporty side definitely brings back City Hunter memories big time, but up next for him in K-drama land won’t be an action series and will instead be a romance drama penned by popular writer Park Ji Eun behind You From Another Star and Producer.


Lee Min Ho Playfully Parkours Around Sydney for Eider Spring 2016 CF — 11 Comments

  1. I so hope he will accept the offer and hopefully his leading lady will be Park Bo Young! Their height difference will be so cute & smexy: her being tiny and petite and him being tall and muscular :P.

    • Really? I don’t see this article posted on any major Minoz site. I guess only minority of them care to read koalas articles ???

  2. It doesn’t matter how antis hate him. He always looks good in action. He’s got that best physique to film action among all the K actors. well perhaps Ji Chang Wook can be on par with him.

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