Korean BBJX Cast and More Stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere to Support Kang Ha Neul

The stars were out at the VIP premiere for indie Korean movie Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet, and the presence mostly skewed young thanks to the headlining star that is Kang Ha Neul. Kang Ha Neul had half of his Korean Bu Bu Jung Xin onscreen brothers on hand to support him from Lee Jun Ki, Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Ji Soo, with the latter two looking so insanely like real brothers it’s going to be such a treat to see them onscreen together. I think we have a quorum, people.

Lee Jun Ki’s presence was doubly important since the movie is directed by famed PD Lee Joon Ik who directed Lee Jun Ki in The King and the Clown. It wasn’t just the BBJX bros who attended, leading lady IU was also on hand to lend her support to Kang Ha Neul. Go Ah Sung was present despite sporting an eye patch for an eye infection, whereas Park Shin Hye was looking young and beautiful even in staple winter threads. Check out the VIP parade and wonder why we don’t all have famous pretty friends in high places.



Korean BBJX Cast and More Stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere to Support Kang Ha Neul — 20 Comments

    • The light reflecting off the makeup is making them look shiny. A few off them look pasty because the color match is a little too light for their actual skin tone.

  1. seeing kang haneul as 8th prince break my heart, how could you actually choose between kang haneul and lee junki, they are totally diff but the have diff charm, huh, i toughth I am over this love tringle
    hope the remake is good cause they got kang haneul and lee jun ki

  2. Even though I maybe prejudiced BUT Park Shin Hye is looking great in every sense……standing out among this glittering array of stars gracing the occasion. ?

      • You soooo right Park Shin Hye always standing out of the crowd, she is unic, love her aura, and dressing proper for the ocasion, winter. She never gets tired or stop supporting her friends or a good project. You go Shin Hye, looking forward to see you in your new project.Fighting Kang Haneul.

      • Me too, dear Doc❗️?
        We always feel the same way about her. Impatient and very curious as to her new drama……casting announcements all over except hers…..maybe on her birthday❓??

  3. Shin Hye looks so pretty and refreshing! Idk, maybe its the angle of how they took the picture of Lee Jun Ki, but it makes him look sickly. But still love him to bits! Can’t wait for his new drama!!!!

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