Soldiers and Doctors Mobilize in New Trailer for Big-budget K-drama Descendants of the Sun

I wonder if Kim Eun Sook is trying to make a pointed statement to counter the criticism that her Heirs thematic topic was superficial and slight, what with exploring the emo lives of the uber-rich teen crowd. Now she’s going substantive and gritty with Descendants of the Sun, the backdrop of humanitarian workers and peacekeeping troops in a fictional Easter European country dealing with civil strife and an impending natural disaster. It’s so like Kim Eun Sook to pile on, but when she does it right it works marvelously, and I’m fingers crossed (both hands!) that this foray will not turn the backdrop into mere disaster and location shoot porn for the usual K-drama romance tropes. The drama released a new teaser yesterday that really brings the military and humanitarian operation to the forefront, even if it ends with the really annoying scene of male lead Song Joong Ki tending to the injured leg of female lead Song Hye Kyo. I know even a doctor can get injured and need help, but the scene just reeks of time standing still to capture that moment and I have no time for that. Hope these two fall in love and do their jobs properly.

Descendants of the Sun 4th trailer:


Soldiers and Doctors Mobilize in New Trailer for Big-budget K-drama Descendants of the Sun — 22 Comments

  1. I can`t wait to watch this. Both leads are pretty good actors & had earned rave reviews from critics & audiences in their last drama (That Winter & Nice Guy). I hope this drama hits daebak

  2. I’m trying to manage my expectations for this but it has to be said, the production quality looks exceptionally high, I’m impressed. Hope it lives up to the hype or at least gets close to it. I’m not expecting a masterpiece but I want to at least get immersed in the story and romance.

    I’m happy it’s totally pre produced and hope the trend continues!

  3. This is looking promising. One of my complaints about K drama is filming settings. A lot of K drama settings look extremely fake and cheap perhaps due to budget. Compared with C dramas that are usually more visually impressive, K dramas setting are more confined to very limited cinematography even with interesting plots and good cast. I hope this time all the money they invested isn’t a waste and everything else about the production is also on the same level as the money they put in.

  4. I am also complaining – in which part of Eastern Europe there is a civil war??? Ukraine? Not even there, no matter what CNN saws.
    This drama is more than a fictional – I want to see what kind of korean will speak the civilians 🙁
    Sorry to say that, but they didn’t pick the more realistic middle east setting and put the drama in Europe. I hope they enjoyed the greek beaches when then were filming.

    If anyone still didn’t get it – THERE IS NO WAR IN EUROPE!
    We still live in a beautiful place.

    • It takes place in a fiction war torn country. Greece was just chosen as a location to film. The story does not link to Greece or Europe at all.

  5. The fact that you guys are putting so much thought into this simple kind gesture that Yoo Shi Jin does for Kang Mo Yeon is beyond me. It doesn’t have to mean she can’t tie her own shoes for him to tie them for her. It may be she’s so caught up trying to save everyone that she didn’t even realize her shoes were untied. Overall obviously the people complaining about such scene can’t handle a little romance for a personal reason. I guess people will find anything to complain about. If you don’t like the drama, don’t watch it. Simply put.

    • +1
      We should adapt to these kinds of complaints ..some are just digging for any single detail to complain about in this drama .??and when they didn’t find …they choose this moment where captain yoo is so considerate towards doctor kang
      Although if you look in many k dramas you will find same scene where the guy ties his girl shoes, this doesn’t mean she can’t tie them on her own
      May carry her ….this doesn’t mean she can’t walk herself
      May feed her …this doesn’t mean she can’t eat by herself
      This means he cares about her
      May feed her ….this

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