Descendants of the Sun Releases Fantastic Teaser OSTs and Dull Character Posters


Music is a huge deal for me in my drama watch experience. I don’t recall there being any drama faves of mine where I didn’t at least like and most likely loved the OST. It’s so crucial to setting the mood and from the sound of things Descendants of the Sun at least has a talented soundtrack guru. The drama released four individual character posters today along with teaser MVs for two songs off the official soundtrack. There is the requisite ballad “Always” by Yoon Mirae, and a nice surprise in brooding melo “Runaway” by now in the army Jaejoong.

I liked both songs way more than the individual posters which are so unspectacular and forgettable I have no words. It’s taking a still of each main lead from the drama and slapping a background and words on it. Poor Kim Ji Won even looks photoshopped poorly in her poster, with only luminous looking Song Hye Kyo coming out unscathed in this visual thirty second effort. I’m also annoyed that Song Joong Ki‘s still is the only one that is not a torso closeup, consistency people! Sigh, at least listening to the teaser tracks help wash away some of the disappointment.


Teaser MV for Yoon Mirae “Always”:

Teaser MV for Jaejoong “Runaway”:


Descendants of the Sun Releases Fantastic Teaser OSTs and Dull Character Posters — 14 Comments

  1. Run Away is indeed a good song, but it was released as a song from Jaejoong’s latest album, and has nothing to do with DotS. They simply added the music onto an existing teaser trailer.

    • Yeah. I think the Jaejoong song is fanmade. There were no press releases regarding the inclusion of the song. it’s just one of the tracks in JaeJae’s album.

      (I mean, I hope I’m wrong, and koalas is right. It’s a good song, and I think it fits the series.)

  2. The full MV for Yoon Mirae’s song is already out on China streaming sites. I wonder why the korean side hasn’t released the full one yet. Can’t wait for next Wedsnesday! Hoping that the drama will be good for the casts’ sake and for pre-production to be the norm in future.

  3. I love the osts! Both songs are really good and captivating. Van’t say the same thing for the drama teaser and posters though. I’ll just give it a try first because of the Song2 couple although I’m not their fans.

  4. Omg. I have seen so many posters and promotion about this drama for so so long, ever since he got released from the army. I think too long of promo doesnt do any good either. i start to get bored even before the drama starts.

  5. Everything about this drama is so underwhelming – except for the song. 🙁 I hope it can convince me otherwise as soon as it airs.

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