A Cheerful Tomboy and a Gentleman Officer in New Stills From Goodbye Mr. Black

Last week’s premieres of the highly anticipated Wed-Thurs dramas Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi was off to a good start, but not at the level of astronomical ratings that latecomer competition Goodbye Mr. Black doesn’t have a chance to succeed when it premieres soon. I feel like having three good dramas doesn’t necessarily steal ratings away from each other inasmuch as it may actually increase the size of the pie in total by bringing in more viewers, some of which may not be watching K-dramas on TV much anymore. Mr. Black released official new stills of the two leads Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook, looking extra perfect in their respective characters of an optimistic tomboy and a soon-to-be betrayed military officer. The background of Moon Chae Won’s stills above appear to be from the overseas portion shot in Thailand, which brings back goodwill feels from when Time Between Dog and Wolf filmed there.

Directing Goodbye Mr. Black is PD Han Hee who helmed Empress Ki, Dr. Jin, and Super Rookie, and screenwriter Moon Hee Jung is loosely adapting the source manhwa, and her previous works include Glorious Day, Missing You, Can You Hear My Heart, Smile, You, The Last Scandal of My Life, and Tree of Life. The drama premieres in three weeks on March 16th.


A Cheerful Tomboy and a Gentleman Officer in New Stills From Goodbye Mr. Black — 8 Comments

    • You must be the only one who think that then. It’s the first time I read that. Just go and read the knetizens comments on the 1 min trailer, they are all positive

      • Well, for now (when it comes to ratings) what Knetz thinks is what counts. Not us. So, that’s good 🙂

  1. My bias was Descendant from the Sun. But yesterday I watched Come Back Mister and in only two episode, it made me go through sadness and laughter. I guess I should start watching this one to to see if its good or not!

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