Wallace Chung Filming Modern C-drama Love Switch with Ying Er Based on Popular C-novel

C-dramas are starting to feel like two degrees of separation with the same actors and actresses pairing up in varying combinations that still feel slightly incestuous. It may be my impression in that I’m interested in only certain dramas that star the actors or actresses that I like. In that respect, I’ve decided to be more free flowing and accept casting choices however it pans out as long as it leads to more diversity in onscreen couplings.

A new modern C-drama has just started filming, not a novel story line but adapted from a well known work. Love Switch is the C-drama adaptation of the same name Fe Wo Si Cun novel, and in this case heralds the much anticipated small screen return of Wallace Chung after last year’s major adaptation hit My Sunshine. Love Switch pairs up Wallace with C-actress Ying Er for the first time, and adds as the second male lead popular actor Qiao Zheng Yu. This cast is fine by me but I’m way more curious about Ying Er’s return to a Fei Wo Si Cun work after Sealed with a Kiss launched her career. Please let this one have no raping and a romance I don’t need psychotherapy to ship.


Hhhhhhhmmmm, the preliminary character posters for Love Switch look fantabulous, gorgeous without a hint of angst. Please don’t let this be a misdirection!


Wallace Chung Filming Modern C-drama Love Switch with Ying Er Based on Popular C-novel — 14 Comments

  1. So uh well. I’ve read the book. It’s not fluffy like these posters. It’s pretty angsty and if they are staying true to the novel; well, it’s not tame at all.

    • Is this release already? I’ve been trying to find it, but it seems, it hasn’t been release yet. and is there an english translation of the novel? been trying to find it, to no avail. thank you.

  2. I believe these were released just to celebrate Valentine’s days and, hence, they look light & fluffy. In reality, the story is far from it.

  3. YingEr has lost alot of weight since Seal with a Kiss. I still have problems with the drama. It was very tough to watch but yet I needed to finish it. There was a short Part 2 to the drama. Did you watch that?

    • The short Part 2 was just awful. The writing was so cliche. I think it was just made since fans wanted some closure for the couple.

    • Skip. Part 2 was horrid. Based on how it was edited, SWAK seemed like it was a sad ending but it’s not. So do a google search and you’ll see an explanation on the ending. Better time spent on that than watching part 2.

  4. Both Wallace Chung and Ying Er are Fei Wo Si Cun veterans, so it will be nice to see what happens with them paired together. Bring on the angst and the tears!

  5. Fei Wo Si Cun… I stay away from her books… so overly melodramatic. I love Wallace Chung but not so much about the leading actress. I’ll see how it go though, hopefully it will be better than my low expectations.

  6. I’ve kept tabs on ying er since her sealed with a kiss days and she’s improved tremendously.

    Read the synopsis of this drama. Your wishes are not granted Koala.

    I would still check out since I like all three leads.

  7. The posters definitely don’t fit the storyline. I’ve read the bookend it is worse. Very psycho. Just like all fei wo si chun works. Anyway still anticipating it. I’m not much a fan of yang et but I like the name leads. Though I am still wondering which character qiao zheng yu plays I don’t remember any other important character. The novel resolves around the two leads very much and their totally wrong relationship.

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