Steady Descendants of the Sun Remains Top of the Wed-Thurs Ratings with 24.1% in Episode 4


The speed by which Descendants of the Sun burst out of the gate is making it a drama Secretariat, poised for a wire-to-wire lead and getting such a head start that it can cruise comfortably. This will likely be the last post about this drama’s ratings unless and until it breaks 30%, but still worth one more chat about today since it feels (and was) so long ago that a drama broke 20% this fast and is staying out. Episode 4 of DotS got 24.1% AGB nationwide, an increase of .7%, while TNmS nationwide rose 1.1% to 22.9% ratings.

Both Please Come Back Ahjussi and One More Happy Ending basically stayed put, Ahjusshi got 5.5% AGB nationwide and Happy Ending managed 3.7%. That means any disruption to the viewing pattern on Wed-Thurs night will potentially have to wait until the arrival of MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black. Another long term accomplishment to watch out for is on DotS maintaining even the current ratings in the mid-20s, if it does that then the drama will indeed average above 20%. If DotS breaks 30% in the latter half of its run then it will set the new modern day ratings standard for prime time K-dramas.

I’m so happy with this drama as a whole but especially with how both sets of OTP have their own unique chemistry and struggles, making for a complementary one-two punch in doubling the reasons to stay interested in this story.


Steady Descendants of the Sun Remains Top of the Wed-Thurs Ratings with 24.1% in Episode 4 — 26 Comments

  1. I’m just happy that instead of love triangle, this drama sets two separated couple right from the start and no misunderstanding whatsoever about such I-like–you-but-you-love-her story. But for petty jealous Sj that would be fine.

    Episode 4 and the OTP have already kissed!!!! Dayum.

    Thank you KBS!!!! I truly am sincerely happy for you. I thought you deserve this triumph after giving us Healer and I Remember You. Now your party time has arrived! Cheers!

    • Yah right after HEALER this one makes a different again in Korean Drama, it’s something like you want to keep watching over and over because you really can’t get enough!!!

  2. All the four leads are sensible people, albeit with flaws. There is no birth secret. There is no crazy lady/man in the love triangle. There is no non-sense angel.

  3. I’m loving both couples too… Awesome chemistry from all four of them, and the vibe from the two OTPs are also different… Making us stay on watching~

  4. I find this drama very addicting. I love the lead couple in this episode and I love the flashbacks of the military couple and how they got together. But hope there is more to this than him looking stoic and her slapping and being mean to a non-com which is career ending in the real world.

    Having said that, Come Back, Mister is really good with a complex and entertaining story line with some excellent writing and the lead actors are doing a fantastic job. Glad I get to watch them both.

  5. This episode I fell in love with the second lead couple their chemistry was off the roof and their interaction in the flash back was amazing, I wish they could have their own spinoff. How is it that this writer makes amazing second lead coupling? I also grew warmer to SHK and the way she cried for and went to defend SJK was so sweet. The only thing lacking is the Villain.

  6. Who else love that Myung Joo did the grab on Dae Young? That groan inducing move is always pulled on the woman characters so it was nice to see the opposite

  7. I’m surprised KES wrote such a nice appealing and respectful male lead. Maybe her writing partner helped her curb some of those bad habits she had. I’m enjoying this a lot.

  8. i just love Myung the character so much!!ji won unnie does a great job again!!the moment she grab him..or when she hit him with her back!!Dae Young seems to act more friendly in the past..hope to see him smile.their love is the best and realistic.hope he return back to his girl fast but i have a feeling someone of them more Myung Joo is gonna die in the end.lets hope not!!

  9. Oh I love the ending to this episode, the way he looks at her and then cheesy statement before the kiss. Lol, I saw that kiss coming but his gaze made the whole situation so romantic! Second couple is pulling my heartstrings BC of their chemistry! I want to see more of this couple! C

  10. not surprise. all drama airing now sux. DOTS will hit 30% in no time.shoot can go as far as say the drama can hit 40%.

    the down fall of BI drama is making two old guy reborn into a man/woman
    they should have not make the gangster reborn into OYS. they should make OYS fall for bi char. that will be more suit for the drama cuz the title say come back mister after all. seeing bi/OYS kiss is gross cuz OYS char is a man in the drama not that will trun lot of viwer off.

    • If it hits 40% it will be a hail mary. Last time a drama hit 40 and above was in the early 90s and when the drama was playing, in some sense the whole of south korea streets had no pedestrian literally. everyone was home watching.

      • Moon Embracing the Sun hit 40+% nationwide several episodes and that was in 2012.

  11. even the story is just so so in my opinion, yet i enjoy watching it, haha.. thanks to SJK who is SUPER DUPER HANDSOME! and the boys <3

  12. I love song Jung ki n song hye kyo….my favorite Korean actor n actress….love this drama….I think ratings will more higher n higher in coming episodes….love to see this two do more n more movies n dramas together….this two look nice pair…..looking forward in near future…….love it

  13. So where are all those female-lead mockers? Are they lurking somewhere waiting for the rating wheel to go steep dowhnhills? BTW, who can tell me what rating % stands for?

  14. Lol even though there are some people who really hate this drama on international sites like dramabeans Koreans are absolutely loving it, it looks like my tastes are similar to korean tastes as i’m absolutely loving it too, competition or not hitting ratings above 20% in this day and age is not easy, lots of big name actors have flopped or done mediocre in the ratings department as TVN are totally dominating it, even the koreans themselves were not convinced this drama will do well when the first teasers came out, now go to any korean articles it’s the most talked about drama there, it shows in the ratings too which is nearing 30% and it’s only the 5th episode, i’m really happy for the cast of this drama especially SJK who came back after 2 years gap and landed a straight hit. I hope the ratings reach 40% so that it pisses off the haters more, lol.

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