Ladies Drama Casting: Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung for Doctors and Hyeri for Entertainer

Usually the casting of male characters garners more buzz since the K-drama audience skews female, but there are three offers out for upcoming dramas that will likely elicit its share of feedback since the actresses in question are popular or currently getting a lot of exposure. Up first is SBS drama Doctors, formerly known as Female Gangster Hye Jung, which is still looking for its first confirmed casting despite the production starting the process weeks ago.

Park Shin Hye remains up for the female lead and now may be joined by Lee Sung Kyung playing her rival. As the drama title suggests, the story revolves around a bunch of doctors, specifically neurosurgery fellows at the same hospital. Brain surgeons, eh? Brain sorta did that already but this one is about personal and professional growth of the female lead going from distrusting with a checkered background to learning to have truth in people again. I hope the production confirms the leads soon as the drama is slated for a June premiere on Mon-Tues after Jackpot (Daebak) with Jang Geun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu.

On the same network but another time slot, SBS is also working hard to confirm the cast for its upcoming entertainment industry drama Entertainer (Tanttara). The drama is currently scheduled to air in April on Wed-Thurs after Please Come Back Ahjusshi. The male lead role is still out to Ji Sung (come back!) but Park Bo Gum already turned down the other younger male lead role and instead moved over to KBS for sageuk romance Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

I mention Park Bo Gum because now Entertainer is courting Hyeri for the female lead, and if it had starred both it would be the fastest onscreen couple reunion in recent memory after they were the OTP in Answer Me 1988 together. Sadly no Deok Sun-Taek part 2, but that’s alright since I liked the whole story of AM1988 more than any particular romance love line. I just hope Hyeri proves AM1988 wasn’t a fluke and continues to improve, if she does so then I can consider the awfulness of Hyde, Jekyll, Me the aberration.


Ladies Drama Casting: Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung for Doctors and Hyeri for Entertainer — 33 Comments

  1. I hope Hyeri didn’t immediately jump into another drama tho. Especially after she got admitted to hospital recently when she have record of fainting on stage already. The girl need a break, her company should push her to rest even if she insist to work. Her other member is doing just fine to promote their group individually, no need to push her for more work.

    • She was diagnosed of meningitis which is a serious disease and life threatening and need full medical attention. So i think she wont accept the offer since she need a minimum of 2 weeks to cure and all her schedules has been cancelled already. And Entertainer needs to film soon.

      As much as i want to see her next project, her health should be her top priority.

      Hyeri-ah find strength!

      • Her agency just released update about her health progress. And by the sound of it, it seems that they plan to make her work immediately after she get discharged from hospital.

        Netizen need to voice their outrage more beside hoping for Hyeri fast recovery so that her agency will be forced to let her rest more.

    • Meningitis takes months to recover properly. I hope they won’t force her to work before she’s completely healed because this is a serious disease that can have serious consequences.

    • No, please no. I like Park Shin Hye, this drama’s scriptwriter is one of the worst at SBS. I hope SBS will just throw this drama out, like they did to Goodbye Mr. Black. SBS now lack of good scriptwriter. They already lost Kim Eun Sook to KBS, Kim Eun Hee and his husband to tvN, and Jang Young Cheol and his wife to MBC. Park Hye Run also back to KBS.

      • I agree, Park Shinhye better not accept this. I don’t like the writer past project and her drama always in a flop too. I don’t want her to jump in here, just because I want to see her on screen again. She better pick another drama.

      • @noure @Rina – I had to check just to be sure, but there are two writers named Kim Eun Hee. One is the writer for Signal (whose major projects were done in SBS & TVN. She’s also the wife of a PD.) The other KEH is the writer of Winter Sonata. She’s never done a project for SBS.

      • @ yuki
        you are right thank you
        but sbs also has : Park Ji-Eun(My Love From the Star), Park Kyung-Soo(punch)
        Jung Sung-Joo (Secret Love Affair) and Lee Jung-Sun (You’re All Surrounded

      • and there is rumor that actress Lee Bo Young may return with new drama titled Sorry ( daughter Soo Yung Writer ) for SBS

      • I’m sure PHR is doing her short drama with KBS because SBS doesn’t have short/special drama…

  2. PSH’s character sounds really good on paper but knowing HS, I don’t know what to expect…
    Can’t wait for her comeback. It’s long over-due

  3. i agree with u @haha.her role here sound meatier than her previous roles.but the writer is the only weak point.she usually writes her 2nd leads alot better than the main,her dramas are always boring.
    but im sure PSH will take the role.she’s always wanted to play a doctor and here is an opportunity to do so.just hope they find a better director/producer for script.

  4. I’m more for when this girl will comeback though,I miss her so much,and she said in Elle hongkong magazine that she want action film though, I want a lot of action in the drama
    SBS,you want to scout me to write an action drama for you,my fees is not much,I may give it to you for free if shinhye will be the lead actress

  5. I’m missing shinhye so badly,I just want to see her face on screen,I don’t care maybe she is talking or not,or a cameo appearance on any airing drama please

  6. Baby comeback,I miss you and I can’t even want to wait till June,hope it is not airing against uncontrollably fond,I don’t want a clash between my Darling shinhye and hubby wonbin

  7. Park Shin Hye should take the role. We tired of waiting for her next drama. I hope the male lead will be a good one because he will obviously become more famous then he is now. I mean Park Shin Hye maks everyone she works with more famous. Shin Hye hwaighting!

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