C-drama Ice Fantasy with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Drop Visually Entertaining Trailer

Consider me pleasantly surprised and not at all unhappy that the initial gloom and doom prognostications for upcoming otherwordly C-drama Ice Fantasy may not have been warranted. The first teaser trailer is out and does not look bad at all, and in fact look much better than I could have imagined possible. Still iffy on the story and acting but the special effects for the ice and fire magical powers don’t look laughable and half the cast with the white hair as the ice tribe grow on me rather quickly.

I think the outlier remains male lead Feng Shao Feng, he still looks really unnatural and uncomfortable as the Ice Kingdom prince Ka Suo, but Ma Tian Yu as his younger brother actually rocks the blue eyes and arctic hair. Victoria Song also looks fantastic Li Luo, she gets to stick with her black hair but gives off the woman warrior aura effortlessly. Kim Hee Sun in her guest starring role is also quite eye-catching, all in all this trailer didn’t make me cringe and in turn made me sit up to take in the scenes in more detail. Nicely done, production team!

Teaser trailer for Ice Fantasy:


C-drama Ice Fantasy with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Drop Visually Entertaining Trailer — 15 Comments

  1. I’ve always been interested in this, probably due to my love for epic fantasy. Admittedly it has the potential to be cheesy if done badly, but I’ll probably watch and even enjoy it anyway. I mean, I enjoyed Chines Paladin 3, and the “effects” in that show were laughable. The trailer does look decent, so hopefully it will be watchable at least.

  2. I know this is so out of topic..but I keep thinking of Legolas…legolas and more legolas…almost chanting to myself. LOL.

    • LOL,,,was that bcoz of long white hair? Nope! No one can ever compare with my charming Elvish warrior. LOL…Back to the topic. Those dazzling colors + 5 cent CGI in C fantasy are really not my cup of tea. Plus I’ve never been impressesd by Victoria Song’s acting. So I won’t bother to check this one out.

  3. Ma Tian Yu and Victoria look great. Can someone enlighten me, are they supposed to be elves? I see some of the characters have pointed ears.

  4. The teaser looks great. And I can’t wait to see Victoria as bad ass warrior. It matches her better than those cute roles she has done.

  5. fighting for Queen Victoria in ice fantasy,i will definitely watch this drama for her even though epic fantasy drama is not my style also really looking forward to see how cool Victoria in warrior costume with her ‘matrix’ moves (like fighting scenes) and she’s really pretty too like a goddess

  6. I don’t know. I’m ignorant of this story but based on the trailer….screams knock-off of Lord of the rings vibe…

  7. I’m such loser for epic fantasy, so I’ll definitely check it out. The trailer looks a lot better than I expected. Never been a fan of Victoria or her acting so I think I’ll find myself skipping her parts. I’ll watch it solely for Ma Tian Yu. He’s totally rocking that white wig. XD

  8. Kim Hee Sun looks Amazing here. I would have loved to see her in a bigger role in this series.

    CGI doesn’t look bad but the music and scenery in the trailer definitely reminds me of Lord of the rings.

  9. Victoria has mature & sexy looks that these kind of bad-ass/warrior (or femme fatale, edgy, action etc) images suit her more than those typical cute and good girl characters. That’s why certain people had a problem with her aegyo when she does it on chinese tv. Because c-entertainment is not really fond of aegyo which is purely a korean entertainment thing. Ever since she has teamed up with Jia Shikai, he has been giving her a good professional advice, I think. I think we will be seeing more and more aegyo-less and “colder” Song Qian next.

  10. Koala, have you seen the trailer for “Tribes and Empires: Storm and Prophecy”? That one’s RAAAADDD!! It’s been generating buzzes as well!

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