Moon Chae Won Redefines Short Hair Goddess Pretty in Goodbye Mr. Black

I’m totally girl crushing on Moon Chae Won‘s short hair style in upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black. It was goodbye long lustrous locks for her when she signed on for this project and I hope no tears were shed because it’s my favorite boy cut look ever. Park Shin Hye did it in You’re Beautiful and was more cute than pretty, Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince pulled off an androgynous low key vibe, and Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden went short to convey stunt woman action warrior style but the length was odd in that going shorter or longer by an inch would have looked better on her. Moon Chae Won has always given off a healthy girl vibe, not tomboyish in real life but a guy’s girl aura of cheerful sporty fun. It’s cool she’s rocking this look as a contrast to the other leading ladies in the competition dramas like a breath of different air.


Moon Chae Won Redefines Short Hair Goddess Pretty in Goodbye Mr. Black — 22 Comments

    • People are allowed to change their opinions – the initial cut was a bit too short but the increased length and coloring in the stills makes all the difference.

      • lol, I didn’t say she can’t. It’s just hard to follow if she doesn’t relate to an earlier opinion and explained a bit why she changed her opinion. I know, I know, it’s her blog, she can say what she wanted. I’m not attacking her or anything. I just felt like she was so open about her opinions on public figures, so I assumed she would be open to comments in regards to her post. You can always argue with me about freedom of blog writing but I didn’t say she can’t write what she wanted. I just hope if she would like people who followed her blog regularly to be able to relate to her opinions. In doing so, at least make the opinions connect, be it changing or an upgrade from the previous.

        No hard feelings. I dislike fights.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to come off that way… there are so many troll posts these days that I kind of assumed yours was one. My apologies.

      • It’s all cool. Yeah, for some reason discussions have become so personalized and immature. I don’t think that should deter opinions though. After all, these are only meant to take away stress from life, not to add more stress.


  1. My fav of this kinda hair still Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee prince. She was cute, tomboy and energic in that drama. Suddenly miss her so much.

    I have no complaint with Moon Chae Won’s hair but I prefer her in longer hair more.

    • me too..forever eun chan 🙂
      There’s her new movie called love after love premiering this month if i’m not mistaken. I hope koala would write about it soon.

      i want to see her so bad in dramaland.

  2. She does look good with that hairstyle! I have short hair too, should ask my hair stylist to do something similar for me next time I get a haircut!

  3. I thing that my favourite short haircut is Kim So Yeon in Iris, she was really badass and beautiful !

    But I like the other in your list too. They fited they characters !

    Moon Chae Won really impress me since Brillant Legacy. She’s really a versatile actress.

  4. It looks so pretty on her after it’s grown out and it was dyed. By the way, Ms. Koala have you seen her pandora pictorial too? She looks super gorgeous in it with her long hair locks and the latest GMBC teaser’s quite romantic. 🙂

  5. only reason anyone going to watch this drama. is to see if MCW going have romance with the second lead guy. the min there none viwer going to swtoich to DOTS. hope the writer is smart by teasing the viwer with Moon romance with the second guy. we all know the lead guy scene going to look bore. with his sad face.

  6. What is the haircut called? I love it! I cut my hair short recently into a bob similar to the second female lead who played in the Goodbye Mr. Black. I was wondering how to get my hair similar to Moon Chae Won like the photos. For example my hair is kind of puffy and not pressed down to the sides. I was wondering how to make it be similar? Thanks 🙂

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