First Teaser for Mon-Tues MBC Drama Monster Heaps on the Bold Moments

I’m definitely checking out upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Monster (Tyrant), it’s got Kang Ji Hwan and a guest starring turn by TW-actor Bolin Chen in his first K-drama, what’s not to love? The drama is gearing up for a month end premiere alongside direct competition in SBS‘s sageuk Jackpot and KBS going for quirky legal drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, with the three offering a nice diversity in selection for the audiences. It’s so nice to see Kang Ji Hwan back on the small screen and reuniting with Sung Yuri for the third time working together, though their first drama in 8 years since Hong Gil Dong traumatized us all. The first teaser is out and goes for full blown melodramatic intensity, not necessarily pointing towards makjang but certainly things seem to go from bad to worse for male lead Kang Ji Hwan. At the the ending shot offered a hopeful reprieve as Sung Yuri extends her hand out to Kang Ji Hwan and gets a smiling grimace from him.

Teaser for Monster:


First Teaser for Mon-Tues MBC Drama Monster Heaps on the Bold Moments — 8 Comments

  1. Yaay!!!Chen sure i am gonna watch this for him..btw the T shirt that Chen bolin is wearing (the middle one in the last three pics), isn’t that the same one that Song Joonki was wearing in Descendants of the sun?when he came to the hospital to pick Song hyekyo??

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