Splendor in New Zealand as Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Release Additional Wedding Pictures

Try as ordinary people like us might, everything is just a step above in glamour and splendor when the stars do it. Taking splashy wedding pictorials is standard for most marrying couples and the quality now is so high as to border on luxe. But seeing famous people do their own real life wedding pictorials is to gape at the movie quality of it all that emphasizes the celebrity otherness of visuals. It’s not that we can’t do a wedding shot perched on a cliff like above, it’s just that it is highly unlikely to look this awe inspiring.

Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu have set off for Bali as the countdown is now in hours for their upcoming nuptials on the resort island, but before then the couple dropped a second batch of wedding pictures that are less playful and much more dramatic. If the first batch was more Shi Shi and Nicky’s real life goofy personalities, this new set showcases their onscreen personas from more serious roles, almost like 4th Prince and Ruo Xi from Bu Bu Jing Xin doing a wedding pictorial after reuniting in modern times. I continue to love every update from their wedding journey.


Splendor in New Zealand as Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Release Additional Wedding Pictures — 11 Comments

  1. Lol, I have always thought her to be really pretty. As for NW, It’s probably a personal taste but i don’t find him attractive. lol When I was watching BBJX, I thought “What? This is the 4th prince?” when I first saw him on screen. It’s just probably because I thought he was older compare to her and everyone else. Sigh, honestly though, these wedding pictures are really picture. I really like the one where she stands by herself in that pink wedding dress. It’s too much pretty in one picture.

  2. ooh splendid, I find the picture to be realistically good looking, it doesn’t appear to have editing,
    lots of picture my friend take from Bali by the stand it camera man looks really good, maybe the weather

  3. C’mom, they are doing a Cosmopolitan magazine shoot no?!! Love them, love the drama but can’t get past my jealousy. ๐Ÿ™‚ ่ฆๅนธ็ฆๅ‘€!

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