SBS Locks Down Entertainer with Leads Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk, and Chae Jung Ahn

SBS has locked down the cast for its next Wed-Thurs drama and not a moment too soon. Entertainer premieres at the end of April after Please Come Back Ahjussi and even if it’s a modern drama there is still time needed to get ahead of the live filming crush. The drama confirmed male lead Ji Sung last week, a major get as his first drama since his critically lauded performance as a man suffering from 7 personalities in Kill Me Heal Me. I actually thought his wifey Lee Bo Young would be the first to return to the small screen after they both took time off to have their baby last year but with Ji Sung the first to take on an acting project it means Lee Bo Young’s hiatus will likely go on longer. Joining Ji Sung in Entertainer will be Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE, Chae Jung Ahn, Jung Man Shik, and Gong Min.


SBS Locks Down Entertainer with Leads Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk, and Chae Jung Ahn — 12 Comments

  1. I thought Hyeri have just recovered from meningitis which is pretty serious illness now they still want to overwork her? korean show business is nasty.

    • Yeah, she recently got discharged. I’m surprised she accepted tbh, I know meningitis can range from mild (basically like a bad case of flu) to more severe (with people ending up in the ICU), but from my understanding most people need several weeks to feel “normal” again. I know they/she may want to strike while the Iron is hot, like they say, but this seems too extreme, even for Idol agencies.

    • Ikr! Poor Hyeri, her agency has no mercy. Should i say “Aren’t they human, too?”
      This drama will have to film non-stop cause they dont have much time live before iys premiere, while hyeri still need time to recover.
      Even if she insists, the agency should never let her take this role.
      But it should be them that insisted.

      • I know right.Do the actors have no right to voice their choice over what they want to work in? IT’s unfortunate that hyeri has to do this drama when she could have waited for the right production after the strong role in reply 1988.This just sounds like another regular drama.

  2. uhm… let’s see.. i like jisung’s acting and i have high expectation with hyeri’s acting. she did well in R88. but i should put my expectation as lowest as possible. too many high expectation dramas end up ‘bad’. sigh.

  3. even with JS acting. dont think this drama will do well. that lead actress sux. those new actor just going to drag the drama down even farther.

  4. ….they’re going to go into live shoot with a female lead who is literally still recovering from freaking meningitis?! And who needs more rest than ever?

    Does her agency want her to die or something?

  5. I worry about her health seriously. She’s hasn’t eve resumed her schedule and just got out of the hospital. She’s not the best actor or anything, but I find her charming…but I feel she needs time to study/work on parts and there isn’t much time here at all. I hope she does well. I seriously see no need to push her into this right now.

  6. I feel like people that had difficulties in casting called ji sung since I remember KMHM offered him 2 weeks before it aired,
    still hope for the high rating . . .

  7. I hope Hyeri is feeling better because I know meningitis isn’t something you can just get over like a cold.
    I know it may be late, but I’d like to make a correction. One of the actor’s names is wrong, it’s actually Gong Myoung.

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