Breakout C-actress Zhang Tian Ai Elevates the Silly Web Drama of Go Princess Go

It’s a weird project to have a breakout moment but I’m sure no one involved with the drama is looking a gift horse in the mouth. The unexpected hit that was web drama Go Princess Go (The Crown Princess Promotion Chronicles) has spawned many things but one thing that is certain to stick is the elevation of leading lady Zhang Tian Ai to a new level of recognition and role offerings. She was fantabulous in this silly as heck drama, playing a period princess in looks with the soul of a modern playboy within.

GPG envisions the usual time travel trope but with the twist that the time traveling man ends up in the body of a drop dead gorgeous period princess. It’s brilliantly meta and Zhang Tian Ai played the role so perfectly she was the main reason I stuck with it for so many episodes despite the stupider than stupid story and hilariously cheap costumes, set pieces, and special effects. She totally deserves all the attention being heaped on her now and I hope her next role build on this momentum.

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Breakout C-actress Zhang Tian Ai Elevates the Silly Web Drama of Go Princess Go — 17 Comments

    • Gan Wei, the producer of hit Chinese web drama “Go Princess Go”, announced recently that the drama is set to get a sequel and a movie adaptation.

  1. I love Go Princess Go! Crystal’s rise to frame is well deserved. It’s hilariously funny and drop dead gorgeous. All the colors and cast. So pretty. Having no money for budget (no extras, they even borrowed from another crew that was filming, the cast did each other’s makeup, wardrobe brought off of the web, leads stepped up to sing the theme songs & even paying out of pocket to cover the contacts, etc.), high fashion inspired costumes (yes, even the frames on back of the men’s/and later the crown princess’ costume), the same durian fruit and sunflower seeds, the crown prince just having four consorts, it’s the best ever. All that skin and ridiculousness, BL, GL, heck, so many posts on weibo. The endings didn’t give us what we wanted so the director had to give us a third ending in the music video. It’s silly. It’s nutty. It’s great. Hope those who will watch it catch the unedited version. Oh why oh why did they not give us the book’s ending?

    • Can someone explain why the princes were carrying/wearing wooden frames? Is that a period style or something done for this drama.

      • Well. For this drama, the director mentioned both the crown prince’s short hair with particular bun styling, chest armor, the concubines’ dress (yeah, they wore the same dress for the entire series), the wooden frames, crown princess’ elaborate ball gown and such dresses and more were runway inspirations. From my recollection, the wooden frames for Go Princee Go were inspired by Craig Green 2015 Spring Collection. Hope this helps!

    • I was going to said the same thing… I’m watching the video that our captain koala link and I was scratching my head because I didn’t see the cheap.

  2. I was wondering is this web drama been sub anywhere? I know 3 languages non of which unfortunately for me is mandarin.

  3. I loved GPG a lot! It was a really good stress reliever and lots of fun! Zhang Tian Ai deserves all the attention tbh she was fabulous. The whole cast was really great. Hope to see her a new role soon!

  4. Thank you Koala for mentioning this drama. I LOVED the drama, so colourful, costumes eye catching and the casts so fun in their roles. Loved the main OTP and the second male lead. I was thinking just yesterday, that this drama has an expressive heroine, which is the main attraction. Whereas the hero always hides his feelings behind deadpan face.

  5. I’m watching it currently and rotflmao @ that ‘armor’ poem competition. I think that was the most hilarious wtf-ery I have ever seen in my life. I was like omfg what have I just seen XD
    She’s beyond awesome though. She totally convinced me that she’s a man trapped in a woman’s body.

  6. i really love this drama!! worthed to watch
    and zhang tian ai is the only one reason i stuck up with this drama, she is so pretty and hillariouss~~

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