Breakout C-actress Zhang Tian Ai Elevates the Silly Web Drama of Go Princess Go

It’s a weird project to have a breakout moment but I’m sure no one involved with the drama is looking a gift horse in the mouth. The unexpected hit that was web drama Go Princess Go (The Crown Princess Promotion Chronicles) has spawned many things but one thing that is certain to stick is the elevation of leading lady Zhang Tian Ai to a new level of recognition and role offerings. She was fantabulous in this silly as heck drama, playing a period princess in looks with the soul of a modern playboy within.

GPG envisions the usual time travel trope but with the twist that the time traveling man ends up in the body of a drop dead gorgeous period princess. It’s brilliantly meta and Zhang Tian Ai played the role so perfectly she was the main reason I stuck with it for so many episodes despite the stupider than stupid story and hilariously cheap costumes, set pieces, and special effects. She totally deserves all the attention being heaped on her now and I hope her next role build on this momentum. Continue reading