SBS Bringing Together Namgong Min, Baek Jin Hee, and Ha Suk Jin for The Beauty of the Beast

Namgong Min is soooooo good at acting bad (don’t let that smile above fool you!) one worries that he would get typecast in the most villainous of villain roles after back-to-back performances in Remember: Son’s War and The Girl Who Sees Smells. Both dramas aired on SBS and clearly the network knows a talent when it sees it and has inked Namgong Min for a three deployment for SBS in upcoming weekend drama The Beauty of the Beast.

The project will be a reunion for Namgong MIn with his The Girl Who Sees Smells production team as the PD and screenwriter for Smelly Girl are behind this new beautiful yet beastly endeavor. It’s about a man’s turbulent life as he goes from ex-con to falsely imprisoned to chaebol heir, and the hardworking woman he meets along the way who changes his life. I guess his character is rough and tumble with the beast moniker, and in this case giving him a saintly beauty is probably a well deserved blessing.

While Namgong Min is the only lead signed on at this point, the network is courting Baek Jin Hee for the female lead which is a sensible choice albeit one that I don’t quite think can be pulled off. Baek Jin Hee just finished MBC weekend drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, but the bigger point is that she’s a MBC regular for her last five dramas in a row. SBS was actually her debut network with Loving You a Thousand Times so maybe that’s how she’ll get brought on. SBS has also sent an offer out to Ha Suk Jin to be the second male lead and he’s seriously considering the offer, and if he accepts will be his first SBS drama since Thrice Married Woman. The Beauty of the Beast is slated to follow Mrs. Cop 2.


SBS Bringing Together Namgong Min, Baek Jin Hee, and Ha Suk Jin for The Beauty of the Beast — 13 Comments

  1. I remember watching him in Can you hear my heart and people were going all for him, how much they love Maru oppa and how nice he is. But I were thinking Maro is creepy not nice and this actor is good for creepy roles why he is acting nice ones? So I was happy when he took the role in Smelly girl! and now I’m curious about this one. He clearly stated in an interview that he will not be acting in another “bad boy” role anytime soon.

  2. Namgoong min something’s going on with his face. I can’t put my finger on it, but, he’s started to look more and more like someone who is related to the Namgoong Min of last spring. Forehead?, Jaw implants? Somethings going on but, I wish him well.

  3. I’m having mixed feelings… On one hand Jinhee is such an amazing actress and it’s lovely to have her finally working with a good writer who’s known to pen dramas where the cast have such great chemistry, but on the other hand I really hoped she would either move to TvN for one of the hit dramas or score a primetime weekday drama with one of the public networks. I really hope she makes a wise choice this time and does extremely well in her next drama 🙂 She needs a breakout role ASAP

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