Beach Romance Never Looked so Gorgeous and Fun as with Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo in Cosmo Bride


Season 2 of We Are In Love, the Chinese version of We Got Married, if off to a fantastic start no less thanks to the most excellent casting of TW-actor Bolin Chen and K-actress Song Ji Hyo. The two are the well-deserved breakout stars of this season among the three couples, validating the early buzz around their casting and showing audiences great personality and chemistry cannot be contained. Aside from a Marie Claire Taiwan pictoria last month, the variety show couple are featured in the current issue of Cosmo Bride just in time for the upcoming slew of spring and summer romance infused pictorials. These pictures are beyond awesome, fun and fabulous in how relaxed and comfortable Bolin and Ji Hyo are together. More than just selling reel romance, they radiate comfortable warmth with each other and that’s the best kind of love out there whether reel or real.


Beach Romance Never Looked so Gorgeous and Fun as with Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo in Cosmo Bride — 16 Comments

  1. Wowwwww! They look amazing together! I literally thought they were a couple. They look extremely comfortable with each other!

  2. First time watching this kind of variety…but I thought they were lovely and cute together. I like how game they are in immersing in their role….

  3. any word on ep 2 being eng subbed? their first episode was the cutest! loved seeing ji hyo laughing and acting like a little girl, quite different from her running man character. and when chen bolin is like a little boy, i mean omg he got her a robot… that he built!

  4. Damn! Song Ji Hyo has got some nice legs! I guess all the running she did on Running Man has paid off! I absolutely love her chemistry with Chen Bolin! They are adorable together.

    I saw one of their interviews together where they asked what they thought of each other. I thought it was so cute how Bolin said that he would be willing to show Ji Hyo the town he grew up in. So sweet!

  5. She is such a beautiful woman inside and outside. Why is she still single. Are there really no equally suitable gentleman for this lovely lady?

  6. I’m a hardcore Monday Couple fan, but I kinda hope these two date for real. They get along well and look great together.

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