Descendants of the Sun Records Highest Ratings in Yoo Ah In Cameo’d Episode 13 as Please Come Back Ahjusshi Drops Even Further

The battle has turned into a zero sum game as it heads into the final stretch, with the winner continuing to win and the losers still getting bruised. Episode 13 of Descendants of the Sun brought in a 33.5% AGB nationwide ratings, with Goodbye Mr. Black steady at 4.6%, but poor Please Come Bach Ahjusshi dropped yet again to garner a pitiful 2.8% ratings. For a cast packed full of big stars Ahjusshi is netting numbers that are usually reserved for teen high school dramas with niche appeal. With only three episodes left, DotS continues to hold strong but doesn’t show signs of breaking 40% any time soon, if ever. DotS did leave off on a major cliffhanger in today’s episode so there will likely be another bump up tomorrow, but I hope this is the lowest point for Ahjusshi, let that drama finish in peace and hopefully be viewed as a solid drama that happened to be placed in a terrible time slot.

Yoo Ah In made his cameo appearance in the episode, playing not the medical school sunbae who is good at lining up backup girlfriend candidates, but as banking officer processing Mo Yeon’s practice loan application. I doubt his blink and you’ll miss it guest appearance has anything to do with DotS gaining more viewers but it certainly doesn’t hurt, and DotS wouldn’t be a Kim Eun Seok drama without a high profile cameo. I’m just sad his scene didn’t also include Song Joong Ki, that would be so epic and bring back so many feels.


Descendants of the Sun Records Highest Ratings in Yoo Ah In Cameo’d Episode 13 as Please Come Back Ahjusshi Drops Even Further — 23 Comments

  1. Although I’m not interested in watching Please Come Back Ahjusshi, feel bad for it. I don’t think the ratings reflect the actual quality of the drama. I’ve always find Kim su ro comical and enjoyed him in variety show Family outing. It’s unfortunate they are in that time slot pitched against DodS. Meanwhile DodS ratings has been going steady but no sharp increases. Perhaps only the ending episode might have a chance to peak 40. But I don’t think that matters too much. The show has already surpassed expectations and not to mention reap in profits to justify it’s cost of production.

  2. YAI 🙂 wish he and SJK had shared a scene but he himself said that his cameo was a gift to SHK only so it makes sense it was with her

    that cliffhanger tho. Eeek!

  3. while the main leads are hard carrying DOTS, CBM is definitely the more comprehensive drama out of the two. oh yeon seo and rain are perfect in their roles and the story line is so touching. plot wise i prefer the latter but there’s something about DOTS that can’t let me pick one of them as my favourite. i’m really enjoying both dramas and i wish they were airing at different times so domestic audiences could equally appreciate both. it’s disheartening that CBM isn’t garnering the ratings it deserves but it’s a consolation that its competition is DOTS.

  4. I know you all gonna hate me for saying this.. but.. I’m sooo excited DotS is almost over.. is it next week?? Woohoooo.. I’m going to do marathon… can’t wait!!

    • Watch out! A Chinese college girl was diagnosed glaucoma after marathoning Cheese in the Trap and DotS. LOL. (LOL @ your comment but not LOL @ the girl’s situation though.)

  5. Waiting for your recap on episode 13.. Its started really easy and funny but the ending makes me nervous,Omg T.T..

    • And I’m waiting for tomorrow’s episode. I’m curious as to what led to the ending we saw in this episode. I think there was a reason why YSJ and SDY didn’t react right away. They didn’t see it coming, I think.

  6. Rooting for DotS but I’m sad for the cast and crew of CBM. Like what koala said, I hope it doesn’t go any lower given that we’re in the last 2 weeks. I’m sure everyone has put in great effort for this last stretch (well DotS has finished filming already but they’re still doing promos so). Excited for the last 3 episodes for both!

  7. I used to feel sorry for Come Back Ahjushhi, but that drama lost its charm for me since I can’t get behind the ‘main’ romance they’re trying to sell. There are some lol moments but the drama doesn’t connect.

  8. ahh such an underwhelming cameo YAI. would have been super daebak if he was the medical sunbae, though being younger than SHK would have been a stretch, but a stretch that anyone would accept! sadness. maybe kwang soo will come back. Anyways, this episode was kind of disjointed and the pace was off. it was like a bunch of scenes with cute sayings but no point. and they can no longer escape the PPL now that theyre back in korea. though it did make me want to get a snickers. well done show.

  9. I thought DotS ep13 would be going comedy 99.9% as it did give me that feel in the first half. Then BANG the cliffhanger! OMG! What the heck!

    LOL @ the flash appearance of Yoo Ah In for 10 seconds perhaps. It’s like a prank.

  10. Never thought that CBM is hella funny, but it is! Feel sad about their ratings, they deserve better. Great cast, good plot, but bad timing.

  11. I havent watched DOTS yet but I was just genuinely wondering if DOTS is appealing or is it over-hyped? what makes it so appealing?

    • The feedback about DotS are two extremes. Either people love it or think it’s boring. That really depends on your taste/preference. To me, it’s the best K drama I have watched so far and never got bored while watching it. What I usually take from a TV drama is its production value such as directing, camera shots/angles, and editing aside from screenplay and acting. For me, DotS has this whole package and brought me back to K drama land since I’d quit watching K drama for a while due to all predictable cliches and overacting. I highly recommend DotS. But who knows? You may agree with other ppl who found it over-hyped after watching just a few episodes.

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