Crystal Liu Stuns at a Movie Event with Costar Yang Yang As Tabloids Posit Possible Breakup with Song Seung Heon

A good response to tabloid chatter is what I call “I’m so gorgeous and full of IDGAF attitude”, which is what C-actress Crystal Liu is rocking this week. On the heels of Chinese gossip that she’s broken up with K-actor Song Seung Heon, which his side refuted, Crystal was seen at a movie event with her movie costar Yang Yang from their upcoming fantasy period film Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. They are basically visual perfection come to life, and this even among the glitterati of good looking entertainment standards. Their movie isn’t coming out until early 2017, and the drama version starring Mark Chao and Yang Mi likely will hit the screens before then, but it’s going to be so worth nutrition for my eyeballs to watch these two fall in love three times on the big screen, and with the cutest cinematic little son to boot!


Crystal Liu Stuns at a Movie Event with Costar Yang Yang As Tabloids Posit Possible Breakup with Song Seung Heon — 21 Comments

  1. so much beauty on my screen at one moment.

    Hmm I hope SSH and her didn’t break up. SSH should settle down soon he’s almost 40 now.

  2. Looking forward to this movie. I don’t think I can sit through the entire drama but the condensing of the overly dramatic plot I could sit through.

    They are seriously so pretty. I can’t believe Korean Netizen said she was average looking.

  3. They are pure eye candy. I’m so much looking forward to every single new project of Yang Yang. I’m so curious about his acting range. So far he’s very charismatic and able to nail the roles of being cool, taciturn, or mysterious just with his stares and eye expressions. This is gonna test my patience to wait until 2017. Sigh! Why does it always take so long for a C drama/movie to be on air from the day the filming is finished?

  4. The guy is certainly handsome but Crystal Liu is an average beauty to me. I don’t like her legs which are too straight.

  5. Isn’t there a plagiarism scandal around this novel? How can they make a movie, who gets the dough? do they compensate both writers? From what I read the similarities are too many to be overlooked. The fan translation has been removed by the translator after careful consideration. Just curious about how film people deal with this kind of thing.

    • I think the original author will just get s_crewed over. Tang Qi Gong Zi seems to have plagiarized for more than one novel. She seems very aggressive, shameless, non-repentant and must be getting very wealthy from plagiarizing. Her other novels have been and are being adapted. For this novel, she plagiarized a BL novel with fewer readers and BL topics are banned in Mainland. So her intelligence may lie in the way she strategizes and applies cut-and-paste from novel to novel.

  6. I swear, to this day I cannot tell her apart from Liu Shi-shi. Every time I read articles about any of them, I always google first before reading. The fact that they have the same last name does not help at all. šŸ˜€

    That aside, she really is gorgeous.

  7. and by the way , to be clear Crystal Liu is a A list Chinese actress . The way you put ( i know this is a Korean site ) : C actress . Shady little thing

    • Lol I don’t think much of her acting, though she reportedly improved in recent works, but “C-actress” is short for Chinese actress.

    • C-actress = Chinese actress. Completely different than calling her a C-list actress. Language has the capacity for specificity for a reason. And in this particular context makes even more sense to first identify her as a C-actress before I mention her K-actor boyfriend in the next sentence. I don’t see you calling out how Song Seung Heon is not a K-list actor, lol, whatever that could possibly mean.

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