Hwang Jung Eum Seeks Lucky Romance with Ryu Jun Yeol in First Drama Teaser

Love in the air, along with falling cherry blossoms and a love charm for added measure. The first teaser is out for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Lucky Romance, making a complete tonal shift for the network once Goodbye Mr. Black says goodbye to audiences in a few more weeks. Starring ratings bringer Hwang Jung Eum as a supremely superstitious girl and rising actor Ryu Jun Yeol as the man she’s set her sights on to ward off bad luck, the first teaser shows her sneaking up on him sitting on a park bench and putting a talisman charm on his back. Something like that is only cute in drama land, I know. I can’t help but be distracted by Hwang Jung Eum’s haircut because it’s the exact same haircut sported by Go Joon Hee as the second female lead and bestie to Hwang Jung Eum in their last drama She Was Pretty. It’s also the female version of what’s on Ryu Jun Yeol’s head, so maybe this drama is about couples haircuts on top of superstition spawning romance? So far it looks cute and that’s about it.


Firs teaser for Lucky Romance:


Hwang Jung Eum Seeks Lucky Romance with Ryu Jun Yeol in First Drama Teaser — 23 Comments

  1. I didn’t expect nice things in this article about HJE, I know you dislike her. Whatever or whoever her hair resembles doesn’t matter because she looks lovely and bright as the spring cherry blossom. Nice colors for the first teaser. One more thing, the trailer sold exactly what it plans to be, a fluffy cute rom-com.

  2. I really wonder why the HATERS of hwang jung eum takes time to give a negative comments on her. I mean, if you dont like her as a whole.. Then why wasting your time pinpointing her flaws??? ARE YOU THAT PERFECT? TELL ME , IF YOU CAN ACT BETTER THAN HER THEN KICK YOUR ASS OFF AND PROVE YOUR WORTH!!. GETS ME?? Ur just words and bashed her for acting as SUCH nonsense perception.. If you dont like her, why you have to drag your comment here? Are you that insecure on her SUCCESS? Or you were just jealous of her?
    If you see her act that way then thats how cool she is. Shes not like any other actresses out there that can let themselves acts like hwang jung eum did. shes not afraid to look ugly. Shes not afraid to look crazy. For her, the interest of the audience is more important than her image. So if you keep on telling how bad she is. Then do u have to say RUDELY on her? People are so judgemental.

    • Bummed that they’re not premiering at the same time. That would have made it so intense!!! We’ll have to wait a whole month for the show-off. And Entertainer will already be about half-way through. Well, if it already secures the ratings before the other airs, at least it will give Lucky Romance a chance of being successful after.

  3. It seems that miss koala is trying really very hard to write an article about HJE, well if you don’t like her, don’t write a single thing about her.As a blogger you have to understand that there are sorts of people visiting your blog and whether you like someone or not .at least you have to practice fair journalism just like javabeans and girlfriday in dramabeans.Even if they dont like an artist at least they don’t show it in their articles.Just saying…

  4. Miss koala, I think you should stop writing article about HJE if this is the way you are doing it, so disappointing.I am expecting a good write-up about Lucky Romance and this is what I get. You are just inviting the haters of HJE to write more hate about her on this site because they believe that this is the right place, since you I think is their mother. You are just one blogger who doesn’t respect other peoples feeling especially HJE’s fans, and they are so many, if you will just look around.

  5. Perhaps her fans (of which I am one) are being a little overly sensitive. I didn’t feel Miss Koala was bashing her in the least in this post. Just making an observation on her hair – which I might add was spot on. HJE is not losing sleep over this so everyone should just chill, enjoy the spring weather, and leave our dear Miss Koala alone.

    Just one gals opinion.

    • Over sensitive is not it. Koala has written either in a sarcastic tone or in downright offensive tone about her acting, her voice, her face, her working so much over a series of articles in the past in this site. More like, a collective burst out of frustration at that is what has just happened. I know she writes what she feels like but I just felt really bad at the quality of this article written. If she had given her straight-out opinion, I’d probably take with a pinch of salt and let go but to write so lazily just because of the actress in question isn’t your favorite is wrong. Don’t write about her at all if you can’t even manage to write one decent word about her.

  6. Maybe she was not directly bashing HJE, but there is what you called “read between the lines”, “context clues” and “implying what is meant” in her articles, I have read a lot of articles she wrote with HJE , and it feels totally different when it comes to her articles,that is why if she doesn’t like her then she should stop writing about her, anyways there are a lot of topics to be talked about and HJe is one small actress that she doesn’t have to pay attention to. Her blog will prosper even if she doesn’t write any word about HJE. Just my toughts…

  7. I feel like some people have read a post that was already deleted. I can’t explain some reactions any other way, it’s unreal.

  8. Even if miss koala is bashing HJE it doesn’t matters cos that’s her opinion and she is free it is not like HJE are sacred if you like what she is writing good if not go somewhere else

  9. @Anouar,yeah you are right, I for one wouldn’t be here if Ms.Koala is not calling my attention to read HJE’s article right?We are all entitled to our opinions,yes,but there is what you called “human considerations”,I have many actresses that I don’t like,but never was atime that I put a negative comment about them since I know that many people see them differently,and that is called “respect’.I don’t like them so I don’t give a damn about them.Why not Ms.Koala do the same, as she said anyway,””””about Lucky Romance…that’s just about it” nothing more nothing less…and I hope nothing “anymore”.

    • Why should she? People read her blog, because they want to read her opinion. She is not a journalist, but a blogger and she can state her opinions good or bad. She wasn’t disrespectful or mean, so these reactions are uncalled for.

    • I respect your opinion but miss koala has the right to express how she feels the same way for everyone of us to agree or disgree with her and don’t mistake me for a hater cos i anjoyed her performance in “she was pretty” she is an amazing actress

  10. I like HJE but honestly, @ockoala’s article was tongue in cheek and u have to take it that way. Did u even see Go Joon Hee on instylekorea front page? She rocks the short hair while HJE, not so much. That is due to face structure and thickness of hair. Check it and tell me if I am wrong?

  11. @IMzadi@Anouar@BA,thanks for giving the time of day to reply on my post, but you know,every time @ockoala writes an article on HJe or where HJE is tagged (you can brows all her articles about HJE)I can sense her coldness while in other articles where she likes the actress,she showering it with alot of adjectives.Take the sample of Moon Lovers article,where she said that HJE doesn’t have the visuals,she’s too old etc any many other,Dramabeans also wrote the same article but you cannot feel that hate for HJE,just the comments but the main article doesn’t feel like that.We get it…HJE doesn’t have the visuals,she looks like a horse,she scream like a banshee,shes a lunatic,an ajumma an wild fagot and many more…but respecttoother who doesn’t look at HJE that way is what I wanted @ockoala and the rest to realize.Again…I got it,this is her blog…she can write whatever she likes…to hell she doesn’t care…so GARNET shut DF up! BTW a journalist is someone who writes journal including blogs.PEACE^-^

  12. I don’t think she did one drama where her hair was on point… It’s almost a given that her haircut/styles would be unusual.

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