Pretty New K-ent Couple as Lee Sang Yoon Confirms Relationship with Idol-actress UEE

It wouldn’t be a fun start to May without a good juicy entertainment to liven things up. It’s been quite a few weeks since the last big K-ent dating news that was Blood costars Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, who ended up planning a wedding in short order after news broke. This one may or may not see the end of the aisle but for now is certainly worth cheering on – K-actor Lee Sang Yoon is dating idol-actress UEE, with him being 35 years old and 7 years older than the 28 year old UEE.

It’s her first public dating relationship in the industry while he dated former Life if Beautiful leading lady Nam Sang Mi a few years back, though she’s since married a non-industry boyfriend. Lee Sang Yoon and UEE have been dating a few months since early this year and reportedly do all the usual couple stuff like dating and movies, with the relationship progressing very well according to the insider who broke the news to the media. Lee Sang Yoon is such a charmer onscreen and UEE is also doing a decent job of transitioning herself into a legit actress as she puts her idol days behind her. Congrats to the happy couple!

Lee Sang Yoon and UEE attending the MAMA awards in Hong Kong last year but weren’t dating back then, it was later that they reconnected and sparks flew.


Pretty New K-ent Couple as Lee Sang Yoon Confirms Relationship with Idol-actress UEE — 14 Comments

  1. How can she be so lucky by acting with one Mr. Dimple and got to date for real with another Mr. Dimple ?

    UEE-ssi, can you share the secret, pleaseee?

  2. She gave all she had in MC as if she us taking a break after that drama. I wad thinking is she getting married or what. I enjoyed the drama and congrats to her and boyfriend

  3. I didn’t see this coming and wouldn’t in a million years have paired them together, but I’m surprisingly OK with this. Congratulations to both of them and hope they can make the distance.

    Love the dimples 😉

  4. I’M SO JEALOUS OF HER!! Get it UEE! I prefer to date older men like her but man, I wish 35 year olds around here look like him.

  5. So this LSY isn’t just an average dimpled guy. Hope he’s as brainy in relationship as he was at school as a physics major from Seoul National Univ. I’m very impressed by UEE in Marriage Contract even the storyline is sh*t. She redeemed herself from bland High Society. UEE’s acting in MC seems way more mature beyond her age. Let’s have best wishes for this new pair.

    Wait, I forgot another Mr. Dimple, Lee Seo Jin, also has impressive education. Is charming dimple related to brain? LOL

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