tvN Teen Drama Bring It On Ghost Finalizes Leads Kim So Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kwon Yul

Casting is finalized for the leads of upcoming tvN teen supernatural drama Let’s Fight Ghost (Bring it On, Ghost), adapted from the popular webtoon about the hijinks of a teen boy ghostbuster and the teen girl ghost who butts heads with him. Playing the teen ghost is 17 year old teen actress wunderkind Kim So Hyun, but playing the teen boy is 28 year old idol-actor Taecyeon. On top of that the second male lead is going to be 34 year old perennial second lead Kwon Yul, making the collective ages of the two male leads to be so much older than Kim So Hyun and the age bracket of the characters I’m not sure where to start kvetching. At this point the only thing I remain optimistic about is that the screenwriter was the second writer on Producer and I Live in Cheongdamdong. Let’s Fight Ghost airs in the early summer following Again Oh Hae Young on Mon-Tues.

Let’s FLet


tvN Teen Drama Bring It On Ghost Finalizes Leads Kim So Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kwon Yul — 30 Comments

  1. Why are they pairing this (and too many) little girl with grown (talentless imho) men, when there are plenty of young talented age appropriate (TALENTED!) actors waiting for their next big break.

    Park Geon Tae
    Seo Young Joo
    Oh Jae Moo
    Yoon Chan Young
    Chae Sang Woo*****

    So disappointed in the male casting. Another drama I am going have to skip…

  2. kwak dong yeon was perfect for this role. i’m still going to give this a shot but i will never get over how they completely skipped over someone who doesn’t only physically resemble bongpal but who also the has the acting chops to give the role justice. nothing against taecyeon but i have no idea how this casting got finalized.

  3. Soo okay. I love Kwon Yul and his acting… But.. why did he and his company accept this? He is way too old as second lead for a 17 year old. Kwon Yul can be So Hyun’s dad (ok, older brother first).
    Then, here comes Taecyeon. I am not a fan of 2PM,his acting is a hit and miss for me but I do like his personality in 3MealsADay..
    Just like Kwon Yul, Taec is too old for So Hyun. He can be her older brother in a show, BUT not as a ROMANTIC PARTNER.
    URGH! it is sooooo weird and disgusting that the casting staff (whoever they are) cast WAY OLDER male casts TO SUPER YOUNGER female lead.
    What the hell are they thinking?! Are they out of their mind?
    I mean common guys, you can cast male lead and second lead that has an age that is close enough to female lead.
    Srsly, i cant. I CANT!

  4. I’M SCREAMING, THIS CASTING JUST WENT DOWNHILL AS SOON AS THEY ANNOUNCED TAECYEON fkn hell!! Don’t the producers see how wrong this pairing is? TVN DON’T DISAPPOINT ME..

  5. I hope tvn does not loose their sanity and pick bad dramas when they had dramas like ‘signal’ in their palette.Signal ruined most of the dramas these days for me lol.

  6. I like miseang and signal best in TVN. I wasn’t on the bandwagon for the reply series. I only like reply 1997. TVN has been really weird with casting and storyline.

  7. I will continue to hope that the Knetz’ power can change the male lead(sorry taec). But from the comments I’ve read, they don’t seem to be bothered that a 28 yo might be romancing an underaged actor. Unless, of course there’s no romance at all.

    But in TvN, I’ll trust. Even if I’ll caught in the friggin trap.

  8. I used to trust tVN until InHo in a Trap! Looks like I’m out for this new drama unless I want to watch a block of wood on screen. Love the plot and the teen actress but the rest is just a big NO. I’m so disappointed with the male cast.

  9. It would’ve been better if they cast lee won geun, Yoo Seung Ho, Do Kyung Soo, Yook Sung Jae, Lee Hyun Woo or Hoya and many other young talented actors it is just disappointing

  10. I bet there will be major changes for the male lead occupation, instead of a high schooler. Well, the ‘story’ based on that webtoon, and i keep my expectation high for the story of relationship between an exorcist and the ghost.
    I really don’t want to judge a drama before it airs, bcs I used to be that way but failed.
    Beside, i love KSH acting to pieces. So it doesn’t matter who will be her costars. at the very least i can watch her acting.
    Why summer can’t come fasteeeeerrrr….. ???

  11. I couldn’t wrap my head around this pairing. I tried to imagine them together.. like romantically,.. and yuck!! Taec is just way too old. It’s so imbalance.

  12. wow I thought that at least with casting TVN would pick quality actors. The moment I found out that taec was announced I can tell that they’re succumbing to big agencies just like public channels.

    The only redeeming thing about this drama is the main actress and the writers/director. and I don’t think kown yul is going to be romancing sohyun but will play a major supporting character and he’s an original character rather than from the webtoon. maybe a villain?

  13. UGH!!!!!! I wish they would stop casting these men as highschoolers!!! They don’t look like it anymore! Especially when they’ve been playing career adults for the last however-many-dramas!!

  14. Nooooooo!!!
    I love the webtoon.
    Taecyon for me doesnt resemble the character. Why?!
    Now im dreading if ds drama will be like cheese in the trap

    • Cheese in the Trap was awesome u til ep10?!? It’s not the cast that was the issue it was the writing and the PD. And most likely the bigwigs in tVN who decided to change the male lead to InHo instead. That was a travesty!!! But this…….even if they were to age up Taec the match is still so wrong. Worse thing is that he can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

  15. OK, I can see that TvN has drunk the Kool-Aid, they are just like any other station and willing to cast whomever if their arm is twisted. Taec, just ugh. Too old, doesn’t fit the character, can’t act…yet JYP whistles and there he is. And after Cheese in the T(c)rap I do not trust them with a webtoon adaptation – I’m not getting over the horror that was the last third of that show any time soon.

  16. what up with old guy romance teen. this is the sceond one this year.
    f those pd that doing shit like this. taec too old. he going look like her father in the drama.

  17. Stop with the comments about casting old guys. Instead, start with the comments about casting underage minors in a romance…. As much as they’re good actresses, we need to wait until they’re legal before we start casting them as the lead in a romance….

    In fact, wasn’t this supposedly a noona romance. In that the ghost was actually in college vs. the senior in high school male lead?

    The casting departments just suck….

    • um you’re wrong though. The girl sohyun is playing is a 19 year old high school senior not a college student. So sohyun who is 18 years old in korean age in playing an age appropriate role. Why is it that it’s always these actresses fault? it’s obvious that taecyeon has no business at all playing a high schools tudent. He’s almost 30 for gods sake and he should be the one dropping this drama.

      • ppl complain that these child actresses are taking on roles too old for them and here is an child actress trying to stick to playing age appropriate roles. They ruin it by casting a 28 year old guy to play a teenager with her, obviously all of the comments are going to be towards the guy. And it’s unfair that there are so many other talented and YOUNG actors but taec gets this role because he’s from a big agency.

      • You’re right about a 19 year old high school senior, but my main point was it was a noona-drama which it is. The male protagonist is 17 years old vs. 19.

        The problem is that there just aren’t many established underage actors to cast for the role, so having an underage actress is problematic if you want any romance.

        I never said it was the actress’s fault. I said it was the CASTING DIRECTOR’S fault. I also agree that Taecyon shouldn’t be casted, but the whole problem starts out because the female lead actress is underage.

  18. I think TvN just produce less drama than public channel so it look like all they make is masterpiece, I mean I find public channel is not as bad as people like to said when comparing them to TvN

    • Yep, I agree. I watched mainly KBS drama and some of it are my liking compared to tvN dramas. I even cannot finished those popular tvN dramas.

      • Me the same. I tried to watch several popular tvN dramas but rarely finished any of them. I’m not impressed with tvN drama making AT ALL as others so swoon over.

  19. i really love kim so hyun, but im quite disappointed about the male lead. I was expecting younger actor to be paired with so hyun. :'(

  20. This drama is going to be such a disaster. Age wouldn’t be a problem if KSH were 20+ but she’s a baby, why are they putting her with this grown ass men, i just?????????? I haven’t read the manwha but I’m sure there’s some sort of romance between the leads, and to have KSH do these scenes with Taecyeon is just so bad, this is so wrong in so many levels. SO. MANY. LEVELS. I was so excited to see her in another drama, and then this shit happens.

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