MBC Drama W Confirms Supporting Cast to Join Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo

When casting started for MBC fantasy-romance-thriller drama W, it felt so far away and rather nebulous. There might be a bend in the time-space continuum because suddenly the drama is getting a full cast and premiere date is a little over two months away. It’s still plenty of time but this ambitious drama about parallel dimensions suddenly seems real. Starring Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo, the supporting cast has now been confirmed to include Eugene Jung, Lee Tae Hwan, Lee Si Eun, and Kang Ki Young. Eugene Jung and Lee Tae Hwan play the mysterious male lead Lee Jong Seok’s secretary and bodyguard respectively, while Lee Si Eun and Kang Ki Young will be acting with Han Hyo Joo mostly with her playing a doctor character. There is apparently disappearance and kidnapping to go along with the parallel universe setting, with the production team of Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Times Travel behind this drama.

I super excited for the comeback of both Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok, the visual pretty will be through the roof not to mention both have a solid track record of picking winning dramas that bring in ratings.


MBC Drama W Confirms Supporting Cast to Join Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo — 10 Comments

  1. OMG can’t wait for Hyo Joo’s drama, I’m a huge fan of hers since Brilliant Legacy and watched almost all her projects (I skipped Dong Yi but will watch it one day … one day!) she has a special taste in picking good projects (skipping her last movie which seems to be a mess), but most of the time, she picks great works. She’s a great actress and gorgeous to boost. I really hope this drama succeeds.

    • Love love love Han Hyo Joo. I hope she will continue her winning streak, bringing in the ratings and doing solid quality drama. You should watch Dong Yi, it’s her drama that I love the most. I am looking forward to her chemistry with Lee Jong Suk, hopefully can match her chemistry with my fave ahjusshi Ji Jin Hee.

    • Agree most of Han Hyo Joo’s projects is a success especially her dramas!i’m really hoping her upcoming comeback will be a hit and lemme just say that i terribly miss her presence in dramaland!hope after W it won’t take her another longggg years to come up with another drama!please…

  2. I’m super excited for this one and it’s more interesting that they have already started shooting while some other dramas which will be aired sooner don’t have confirmed cast yet! I can’t understand why they didn’t decide to pre-produced this one while HHJ is big in japan and LJS is super big in China, this way they could bring a lot hype and promotions for it!
    Anyway W fighting

  3. For those who are curious,I’ve read in their character descriptions HHJ will be a second-year resident chest surgeon & LJS will be a self made chaebol businessman who was formerly an Olympics gold medalist shooter.

  4. Good solid cast, great production team with some great shows behind them…tentatively hoping for a good one here! 2016 could use it, there hasn’t been a show yet that has really knocked my socks off, although Signal comes closest.

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