Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama Doctors

I never thought I’d see Park Shin Hye in a doctor genre drama, and conversely I’ve wondered why Kim Rae Won hasn’t done one yet since all his generational male colleagues have wielded the scalpel already. Filming started on upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors (formerly Female Gangster Hye Jung) last week and now the production has released the script reading stills that showcase the entire cast gathered together to run through lines.

Park Shin Hye looks so beaming and happy, I hope her character is a fun stretch for her to play and challenges her to keep expanding her craft. Kim Rae Won is handsomely focused and I’m looking forward to him playing the senior doctor mentor and love interest for Park Shin Hye. Rounding out the cast is Lee Sung Kyung as Park Shin Hye’s rival doctor and Yoon Kyun Sang as a chaebol heir doctor who falls for the female lead, along with young cutie pies Ji Soo and Kim Min Suk. Doctors premieres on June 20th following the conclusion of Jackpot (The Royal Gambler).


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama Doctors — 50 Comments

  1. Looking forward to this drama….hope it delivers! Still wished they retained the original title, more creative. Good luck to the production team! OT, Is her skin really that great in real life? That photo of her resting on her script looks so flawless , seems like she has no pores in close ups…….can’t help being envious! ?

  2. Hate the tittle but excited for the drama nevertheless.
    KRW looks younger here and I think he and PSH will make a good looking couple.

  3. Love your article, Koala. Looking forward to this drama. Love the pairing of Kim Rae-won with Park Shin-Hye. Love all of the wonderful cast members.

  4. PSH and KRW good acting.. Looks younger ahjussi and psh looks beautiful smile. I can’t wait for june.. I hope big success.. Fighting team doctors

  5. “I never thought I’d see Park Shin Hye in a doctor genre drama, and conversely I’ve wondered why Kim Rae Won hasn’t done one yet since all his generational male colleagues have wielded the scalpel already”
    Why not on PSH’s part?

    She has to try all the roles at one point

  6. Watching the drama “PUNCH”, we found KIM RAE WON a very good actor. We’re all looking forward to it’s airing. Good luck!

  7. Surely will follow this drama. Drama God pls be goood. The main cast seems will have great chemistry too. Scripwirter and Directornim pls give all the best you can

  8. The drama hasn’t even started but im in?. Koala please join with me to spazz abt this drama and the main lead ????


  10. Hopefully KRW will help make this actress being lovable again for me like back in her STH/TIH days. I hate the taste of falling out of love with someone who had potential 🙁

    • really Lovable where are you coming from??she is Lovable already honey may be you don’t but the majority loves her and waiting her back to Korean drama land .

    • She has potential but not always knows how to pick good roles.
      Have you tried her last drama Pinocchio?
      She was great there.

    • I have a question.
      Why would it’s KRW that make you fall in love with her instead of PSH herself or the drama/role?
      It’s all about oppa after all?

  11. Park shin hye’s gorgeous smile<3 *heart eyes*. Kim rae won looks really young in those pics with cap. Looking forward.

  12. Looking forward to this drama. Great casting , great chemistry makers, we are going to spazz like no tomorrow. It will be a success. I trust the queen of making chemistry and harmony with her costars, the great the beautiful, the special one PARK SHIN HYE. And her aura , it is just amazingly positive and strong. And her costar, KRW is so hot and manly, and a great actor. Look up for Park Shin Hye phenomenon, all over Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania, from north to south around the globe. I adore you Park Shin Hye. Praying for healthy, safety, harmony for all casts and the ones behind the camera, that is making this great project come to life. Fighting.

  13. I’m so excited for this drama. I don’t really like medical drama but Park Shin Hye – Kim Rae Won pairing is a must watch.

  14. Also, why r people pitting W against this drama? Are they goin to be shown at the same time/period (sorry, not in the know)? I like both actors ☺

    • Do they? I don’t see it
      Or anywhere for the matter
      If anything they pitted the actresses like PSH-HHJ and Suzy as it’s the same period of airing and they are all the most popular/prettiest girls

    • who are they ??
      Actually W has different story and W won’t go compete against Doctors , It will be Beautiful Mind by Jang Hyuk which has the same genre as Doctors

  15. i don’t think this drama will be a hit like dots it will be just like jackpot or goodbye mister black i think mirror of the witch and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo are more interesting

    • I don’t get the comparison with DOTS???
      They are 2 totally different kinds of drama.
      DOTS is huge budget and pre-produced, filming oversea when this is a medical drama… UF would be a closer with DOTS if you want to compare
      I think I’d prefer this or anything over DOTS or a remake of chinese drama though

    • Ok honey watch what interest you and Let us watch Doctors
      And about rating let us wait and see bcz the quality it only matters

    • DOTS and UF definitely more similar cause writers are famous, 100% pre-produced because wanting to air at same time in SK and China etc. Doctors is a drama for us PSH fans. There are many reunions – Miracle cell 7, Stairway to Heaven, Goong S. Will it be a hit? Don’t know – watch it in June to find out!

  16. @anouar lol,you wrote that uncontrollable fond will be an hit because of your baby Suzy in the next article and you came here to write doctors will be like jackpot or comeback mister.such a butthurt fan!!
    When you know scarlet heart and mirror of the witch will be more interesting why are you writing on doctors article then,nobody is begging you to watch it,so ridiculous

  17. Just watched some scenes from Tree of Heaven, they should have completed the PSH reunion with Lee Wan as one of her suitors! That would be an interesting pairing too! The 3 kids of those dramas in 1 drama now that they are all older, can you imagine that?!

  18. I want watch this peacefully and enjoying this drama with butterflies in my stomatch. I already miss my time when im dont care abt everythin and just watch. Im gonna back to it

  19. It is all about Doctors here. Truly eager to see Park Shin Hye , KRW, and all the actors and actresses in this drama. No idols, what a break. If you do not like it slide to the side and drop to the bottom. As Jeff Dunham ‘s Achmed said “SILENCE” or I will …..

  20. waiting this drama and I impatient to see park shin hye again I hope the story success with brilliant cast Good luck 🙂

  21. I’m really excited for this one. The casts are perfect! Now let’s hope for PD and the plot/writing to be on par! Cause we don’t want to see such a great cast gone to waste over a mindless plot.

    Doctors fighting!!

    On the plus side, we get to see Shin Hye deviate from a different role she normally plays. It’s a start and I hope to see more of this in the near future!

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