Player with Song Seung Heon and Krystal Release Striking Posters and Cheeky Preview

I so love the mood transition from beyond dark to knowingly cheeky for Song Seung Heon in his drama selection. Black was a riveting drama but took a piece of my drama heart with it watching so much misery, but now I get to have some getaway heist fun with Song Seung Heon in his upcoming OCN drama Player. The official posters are out and it’s slight psychedelic color fun with the overexposure of lime green on the palate. The thieves-who-steal-criminal-look quartet look really cool, and for once Krystal is well cast as the getaway driver role that fits her cool haughty girl image. There’s another month until Player arrives to play in the time slot currently occupied by Voice 2 with the network doing a good job of keeping this drama looking hip and fun. Continue reading