Top Chinese Actresses Shine on the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

The Chinese actresses in attendance at the opening night of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival slayed the red carpet as far as I’m concerned. Even minus usual red carpet fixture Fan Bing Bing, the ladies represented led by the glorious Ni Ni, the ethereal Crystal Liu, the elegant Li Bing Bing, and the forever glamorous Gong Li. It was a veritable buffet of red carpet worthy dresses on even more red carpet owning top C-actresses, but my personal favorite was from another Asian starlet – Thai-British actress Araya Hargate took my breath away in a confectionary pink strapless princess gown that would have looked out of place anywhere else but the over-the-top atmosphere of Cannes. I didn’t see any Korean actresses at the opening ceremony otherwise that would be a nice compare and contract to see how the top dressage styles fare on the same red carpet.

Ni Ni

Li Bing Bing

Gong Li


Crystal Liu

Thai-British actress Araya Hargate


Top Chinese Actresses Shine on the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet — 13 Comments

  1. Wow…that pink dress is sure a killer dress. But I also love Crystal liu’s dress. On the other hand… How I wish actress dresses more modestly. I mean showing off back and front like that….nay!!!!

    • Yes. I totally agree with you. I think they will look even more beautiful if they don’t EXPOSE themselves so much. It looks TACKY when they over do it in my opinion.

  2. Ni Ni’s dress from the back is just unreal gorgeous. I want it. I want to walk in it everyday. I want to wear it to sleep, it’s simply beautiful.

    • I think her dress is very pretty in the back, but it exposes too much in the front. A little bit more modest will be a perfect look for her.

  3. I love nini dress from the back, but it’s too revealing in the front.
    The best dress for me is Crystal Liu dress. It’s simple, sweet and beautiful, just like the person.

  4. The back of NiNi’s dress is absolutely gorgeous. Crystal Liu’s dress is also very beautiful and it matches her perfectly. And Araya killed it. What a showstopping dress. 🙂

  5. I love the back of ni ni’s dress. The front is a little too much. It should have been more simple like li bing bing’s dress and then it would have been perfect.

  6. Omg!! Araya’s dress was gorgeous!!! I’m glad you mentioned her! I believe she has been showcasing some of the finest dresses at Cannes over the years. She’s so beautiful too. Major fashion icon in Thailand. Speaking of Korean actresses, who did attend?

  7. I love Ni Ni’s dress front and back. It’s perfect and the deep neck is wonderfully done; the dress fits like a glove.

    The pink dress is also perfection. And Gong Li is looking glamorous and simple.

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