Star1 Features Lee Shi Young’s Boxing Sexiness and Confident Appeal


Lee Shi Young isn’t my favorite K-actress but I appreciate her acting talents, great real life personality, and unique approach amid the sea of general conformity within K-ent. That makes this new Star1 pictorial even more greatly appreciated, for balancing the pretty statuesque visuals of Lee Shi Young with her boxing side job and her down to earth appeal. Lee Shi Young has retired from amateur boxing but even doing that for the last few years remained quite a feat of perseverance, and a lack of fear for injuring her looks or physical health. I missed her last drama My Beautiful Bride but she was amazing in Valid Love however difficult that drama was to watch at times. She’s carved out a nice niche for herself in K-dramas and movies so more power to her, here’s to hoping she does a project that makes me really connect with her emotionally rather than from a distance.



Star1 Features Lee Shi Young’s Boxing Sexiness and Confident Appeal — 4 Comments

  1. Valid Love was a great drama ! The characters were very interesting. The story showed a world that is not black or white. And Lee Soo Hyuk was relly great, no more a model who actes.

  2. I actually want LSY to go into chungmuro land. Not that I dislike her presence in my small screen, but I would love to see her in roles that actually worthy her talent.

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