Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Marie Claire Wedding Pictorial Is the Epitome of a Couple in Love

I have an idea for Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun, very bad actors that they are, they really have a future in Korean variety and can start with a newlyweds type show. It’s bound to get eyeballs and continue to turn the public opinion tide in their favor. Marie Claire Korea just released the official pictorial for the happy couple’s wedding pictorial shot on Jeju Island last week and it’s as beautiful and heartwarming as I expected. These two lovebirds actually love each other, it’s evident in their body language and that’s something neither was able to convincingly act out in their drama Blood which introduced them to each other in real life. Better in real life than in fiction, right? I really want to thank them for making me feel the heady rush of romance again, and even more a sense of respect for the couple after hearing that they are foregoing a wedding ceremony and banquet as well as a honeymoon so they can donate the money that would have been spent on those activities to their supported children’s charities. Big round of applause and an extra hearty well wish for their love to last forever and ever.


Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Marie Claire Wedding Pictorial Is the Epitome of a Couple in Love — 34 Comments

  1. Congratulations! They are officially married now. Ku hye sun already registered their marraige earlier. So happy for them. Best wishes! 🙂

  2. I hate Blood but I dig this couple. They are so cute together. Congrats!

    Off-topic: OMG Koala you need to post an update about Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin confirming they are dating!!! I’m still in shock rn.

      • Yes! The c-media is buzzing with this news atm. Apparently he updated a post on his weibo today – the day to confess love in China – and tagged Ruby in his post. Later Ruby replied with a heart and follow up with both agencies confirmed their dating.

    • Oh my, it’s true! I went to google chinese news when I saw your post and it was full of news about them. Finally! They match really well and they both share the same hometown too. Poor Hu Ge and Hu-Huo shippers though…XD

    • It was said that they have been secretly dating for FOUR years. hahaha…I guess this announcement is a signal for next step – wedding. I always love to see celebrities in a long good relationship.

  3. Lol koala why sound so salty… not fan of them but now i have soft spot for them..we were way to harsh on them..let flower bloom don’t kill them in initial stage give Ahn time he will sure show many worse actors and actress out there when they can act again why not these two. Koala you need to clam down little.

  4. They look so perfect.some information about their dresses
    silk dress in 5 and 7th pic is from CALVIN KLEIN
    White flower coat 2nd pic is from PRADA
    Last pic dress is from VALENTINO

  5. Thanks God korean industry and korean celebrities do not listen to your lame advises. I too didn’t like their acting much in Blood but this doesn’t mean they should stop acting. No one born perfect they learn with time. If you don’t like them ignore them but stop giving your two cent when you are in no position to judge them. Literally dispointed

    • Indeed, no one is born perfect. However everybody is born with a talent and should choose a profession accordingly. I believe they should stick to modelling.

  6. Oh my God those clothes look horrible, horrible but the couple look sweet. I don’t remember watching him in anything (wisely stayed away from Blood) and she was awful in BOF, but completely agree that they look good and happy together. I wish them a happy life together.

  7. HAHHAHAHAH koala you need to clam down your tits, it’s not they commit a sin that can never be forgiven. so take it easy!! ps they are looking adorable.

  8. I have an idea for AJH. Can he please just stick to photoshoots? He looks pleasant here compared to when he acts. They are sweetness overload in this photos. But I still prefer Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung’s photoshoot chemistry. I do hope they’re not rushing marriage just because they’re madly in love. But hey, who am I to judge? Best wishes for the couple.

  9. they are not bad actors,gu hye sun was awesome in boys before flowers,and ahn jae hyun was also good in you from another star,so just because they were unfortunate enough to star in a terrible drama doesn’t make them terrible actors!

  10. Do you have to always mentioned how terrible they are as actors in every article you write about their romance ??? We know your thoughts long ago and it’s getting annoying. Are you just trying to fill up the article and running out of content ???

      • +1

        I like coming to this blog to read bits n pieces of news, with some koala-ish commentary because koala’s quite funny sometimes. But the hate on the couple is just too much. Constant barking about their acting (is bad acting a crime?!?!) while acting like she “genuinely” wish them happiness. Nobody stepped on your tail, ms koala.

  11. I’m sure they’re both good people and are a lovely couple. But the amount of exposure they’ve gotten lately almost makes the marriage seem like elaborate PR.

  12. Their mgmt. quickly caught on that the public likes them a lot more together than separately. They are really milking the relationship in the media but it’s the business they are in. Anyway, wish them a long and happy marriage!

  13. The fact that they decided to marry as earliest possible time is because they love each other so much. Notice GU HYE SUN doesn’t care about fashion even off screen, this is primarily because SHE live a very simple and ordinary life. So humble and pure. We all wished them our sincerest “Best Wishes and Congratulations!” Truly an adorable couple!

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