Joo Won’s Sageuk Drama Version of My Sassy Girl Gets Broadcast Slot on SBS for Early 2017

Network and broadcast have been finalized for the upcoming drama version of My Sassy Girl, which is nice to wash away the stench from the failed My Sassy Girl 2 sequel abomination. Now it’s time to find the titular sassy girl drama version and hope she can carve out her own identity outside of the role that Jeon Ji Hyun made famous. Joo Won has been confirmed as the male in the drama My Sassy Girl and SBS has scooped up the show for airing in early 2017.

The drama will be directed by the PD of Yongpal Oh Jin Seok, with filming to start in July for a 100% pre-production. The drama will aim to be simulcast in Korea-China-Japan at the same time. The big twist is that drama My Sassy Girl will not be a modern rom-com but instead will be a sageuk and the production company behind it did Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Sageuk Sassy Girl will be Joo Won’s last drama before he enlists sometime next year. The production is reportedly holding expansive auditions to find the perfect female lead and is not discounting a potential newbie.


Joo Won’s Sageuk Drama Version of My Sassy Girl Gets Broadcast Slot on SBS for Early 2017 — 15 Comments

      • who twisted joo won’s arm to do this?….honestly i was not impressed with the director of yongpal at all – i think the script was good though

  1. wait so this is a sageuk version of the original ‘My Sassy Girl’ film right? with pretty much the same plot and same characterisations right? its not just a sageuk with the name my sassy girl but completely different plot and characters, am i understanding this correctly?

  2. Park Bo Young. She’s sassy and cute. Would love to see her in a Sageuk drama. Maybe Yang Jin Sung. She’s also sassy and pretty.

    • Actually, park bo young in real life isn’t sassy, which does speak to her acting ability considering the excellent job she did in oh my ghostess.

  3. To be honest, I like that it will be in a historic setting. There will be too much comparison if it was set in the modern period. I quite like the idea of a complete newbie… but it should be an actual actress not an idol ¬¬

  4. I want Moon Chae Won, please! So she can wipe GMB off her chest. That show was a hot mess! MCW is always sassy and she’s an amazing actress! And I know she and Joo Won were already in Good Doctors, but I feel like the romance wasn’t expanded and explored as much because of Joo Won’s character! Please make this happen! 😀

  5. It will be interesting to see how they interpret this story into Ancient times since it’s such a modern storyline.

  6. What a cool idea, it could go either way of being bad or good but at least there is an attempt to change up the original idea/premise of the film and turn it into something different on the small screen. I’m really hoping it’s a smash hit for Joo Won before he heads to the army, also like that they’re auditioning people for the lead role and not discounting newbies.

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