Romance of the Condor Heroes Couple Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Set July 2016 Wedding Date

Wedding bells are a-ringing soon for star couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao, the two famously falling in love in real life after playing iconic reel period couple of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu in the wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. Their drama version was called Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014 and stands as one of the most widely panned adaptations of the popular love story. But the recent drama adaptations of various Louis Cha novels have all been abject messes so it’s not that big a blip, though for the RoCH mess much of it was pinned on the visually unmatched casting of fuller figure sweet-faced Michelle as the lithe ice princess Xiaolonglu. In real life the drama brought the two leads together, a noona-dongsaeng coupling in real life, with the romance capped off with a Parisian marriage proposal last fall and now a wedding being prepped for July 2016. Congrats to the couple and best of luck on their married life and respective acting careers afterwards.


Romance of the Condor Heroes Couple Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Set July 2016 Wedding Date — 5 Comments

  1. Congrats to them but when you mentioned the “noona-dongsaeng” relationship standing, I looked up their birthday and in my astonishment Chen Xiao and I shared the same birth date, obviously I’m a lot younger lol. But that’s interesting. I’m not sure if they’re moving too fast but if they’re happy that’s all that matters. And besides, Michelle is at the age to be wed so I can see the rush.

  2. This is basically the Chinese version of Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, except that both Chen Xiao and Michelle are actually good actors who got shafted by unfitting roles and a crappy script. I still remember all the flirting weibo posts between the two during and after the broadcast before they came out public, especially from Chen Xiao. He’s really heads over heels with her, it’s super cute. I wish them good luck and everlasting happiness.

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