Kim So Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kwon Yul Start Filming for tvN’s Supernatural Drama Let’s Fight Ghost


I really really hope that mismatched casting doesn’t end up being the weak link that sinks this drama. The cast and crew of upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Let’s Fight Ghost gathered for the script reading last week as cameras are rolling with high expectations for the drama that will follow the popular and highly rated Again Oh Hae Young. The casting for Oh Hae Young is age and chemistry perfect in Eric and Seo Hyun Jin, but audiences are rightfully concerned with Let’s Fight Ghost pairing teen Kim So Hyun with two much older male leads in Taecyeon and Kwon Yul. I like all three but am not sure if I like all three together, even the stills above makes me think Kim So Hyun is punching out the sinister neighborhood gangster ahjusshi. With that said, Kim So Hyun plays a 19 year old girl ghost and Taecyeon is the ghostbuster of sorts so maybe the age difference won’t be as jarring with the whole living-dead schism.


Kim So Hyun, Taecyeon, and Kwon Yul Start Filming for tvN’s Supernatural Drama Let’s Fight Ghost — 11 Comments

  1. Ugh, so tired of this trend paring young girl with much older guys but anyways ,Taecyeon looks niceeeee af in black

  2. Im going to watch this for sure! I dont have issues when it comes to their age gap as long its gonna have the right execution among the leads! Fighting! 🙂

    • This. I don’t get the big deal. It’s fiction and Kdramas keep it pretty clean. Like, if this was a duo cast in an American TV show, I’d get it.

  3. I just don’t understand this. There are so many actresses in early 20s something, why don’t they get casted?
    I’m happy for these child actresses being coming a long way, however can’t people wait some years for them until they get matured enough to be leads in dramas other than the highschool ones?

    • kim so hyun is playing a character that’s only a year older than her age as a high school senior (her korean age is 18) and she confirmed 1st. This webtoon is a youth rom com in the first place and a lot of the stuff happens in the school. Why is it that ppl are always talking about the child actresses when they are the ones playing age appropriate roles which are very limited.

      Taecyeon has no business being in this drama, he’s almost 30. His character in the webtoon was supposed to be 17 and by casting him they had to age up the character to a college student, which is still far from age appropriate on his part. Not to mention his acting sucks even though he’s been given so many acting gigs over the last 6 years.. He should have been recast,not KSH.

      • All of this.

        At least Yoon Shin Yoon and Park Bo Gum confirmed their roles long before their minor actress partners were cast so they have no blame in that situation, even if I find the MotW pairing off putting to watch. But what’s Taecyeon’s excuse?

  4. God she looks like a child next to him…..and they want to promote a romance here? He’ll look like some creep preying on young girls, ghost or not.

    And she confirmed the role first, if he had any morals he should have rejected this role. But greed wins I guess.

  5. Why don’t they cast the actors that have close age gap? I mean, it makes viewers easy to enjoy their romance. Or at least put someone who’s in their 20s and not the minor one if the story will provide romance with age gap. I think Oh Hae Young Again got succeed because people can enjoy their close age romance. So, no weird feeling watching them kissing, hug or even just say more intimate scenes. Even the viewers ask for more XD

    Korea has Ji Soo, Lee Min Ho (young), Jin Goo, etc for this role to be paired with this girl. Okay, just wait and see.

  6. people watch kdrama because it is different not better just different, if we start imposing “our infinitely better” values, it will destroy what makes them interesting.

    ps actor/tress get parts on who they suck/know.

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