Bounty Hunters with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung Release Final Posters and Trailer at Shanghai Film Festival

The pretties of Chinese-Korean caper movie Bounty Hunters is ready for the cat and mouse game come its July 1st premiere date, and they got an early head start attending the star-studded Shanghai Film Festival. Starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, Karena Ng, Jones Xu and Louis Fan, the final set of movie posters and trailer was released to wrap up a very expansive promotional effort that will hopefully pay off in three weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how the reviews come out – whether the story is decent enough to keep the cast afloat and how the various acting talents mesh onscreen. So far from all the trailers I’m loving the bromance aspect with Wallace and Lee Min Ho the most.

Final trailer for Bounty Hunters:


Bounty Hunters with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung Release Final Posters and Trailer at Shanghai Film Festival — 28 Comments

  1. I hope it’ll be a fun movie. I don’t expect much critical acclaim but think it’ll be entertaining enough to bring audience.

  2. Song joong ki tumbled and fall flat even before reaching the throne. Lee Min Ho need only to pass by the fallen SJK and sit on the Throne.

  3. @hye jin, @Angel – why mention another actor when he is clearly not in this movie? don’t you have better things to say? Just too mean!!

  4. Yeah! That’s mean.
    You dont have to mention song joong ki here. Besides everything what happens to him, he really deserved it and also lee min ho already experienced those too. Im a fan of both of them. Just be happy that they are doing well.

  5. compared to what Song JoongKi’s fans did to Lee Min Ho, we are considered very civilised. What has Dots to do with Lee Min Ho? What has SJK to do with Lee Min Ho? Yet SJK’s fans made known to the whole world that he was earning more than Lee Min Ho, more popular than him in Korea and worse still he is more popular than Lee Min Ho in China etc etc. that is ok?

    • His never been more popular at any point but he was trending big time. A lasting popularity and trend is different

    • @Angel – you? civilized?? You are saying this simply because you want to take revenge!! This is what you called “civilized”… How shallow!! This is not the place. No need to mention another actor when the movie is not even out!!! I am not a fan. I just cannot stand this act of stupidity of bashing another actor when you have not even watched the movie. there is no need to mention other actors here!!!

  6. How does this article about LMH has to do with SJK? LMAO. LMH fangirls may be in denial and get butthurt. But data and the research result from a reputable research univ. in S. Korea don’t lie. Here we go again:

    You don’t like it? Fine. Keep watching your oppa’s idol dramas to make you feel better and keep up your dream with your hallyu king. SJK’s fans wouldn’t care. But your denial in anguish won’t change credible statistics. Yes, I’m talking about hard-coded numbers from statistical survey of 34,875,645 pieces of data compiled from 17 well-loved actors (and I assume your Min Ho oppa was included). It’s not like this result is from random online polling sites where crazy fangirls voting nonstop like Kpop fandoms to crank up their bias’ numbers.

  7. No need to bring SJK here.In comparison SJK is far better actor than LMH….. LMH reached that place where he is now is mostly because of his looks than his acting skills.

    • Looks? LMH is not better looking then all these K-actors they are in fact all handsome and also SJK is handsome. don’t believe LMH is more handsome then him. His just the better actor how hard is it to concede that

  8. It is VERY obvious @angel is not a Lee min ho fan but a big troll who is mad at sjk or rather someone who is looking for fanwars and dragging lmh’s fans name to get some revenge.
    That said as a minoz,I’m not intimidated by sjk’s success or anyone am actually happy for him,his success and all no need fighting for silly stuff and there is enough space in the sky for all stars to shine,i know fellow lmh’s fans that are also sjk’s fans,so don’t feed the troll.@angel you and i know you are not a minho’s fan and even if you are keep your twisted opinion to yourself and not dragging lmh down with your stupidity…

  9. @hye jin too,if you are min ho’s fan support him and stop bringing other people into his article,don’t be a coward and i think both sjk and lmh have very well pass their 15secs of fame lol and are now popular hallyu stars doing their country proud. @candy_cane the ‘king’s fans don’t mind fair criticism the person gave an opinion and not insulting him so we won’t attack him/her for it.
    I don’t even mind if sjk earn more than him now or even in the future,as a fan i just want him to be the best in what he does and find joy in it.

  10. Again
    @angel: whatever you had said before and now is a shame to your nickname
    To both angel and hye Jin, you think by dragging and bashing Sjk will make lmh better? No it just made you guys look pathetic
    Lmh and sjjk have their own places in the industry, all work hard and deserve the place
    Stop the stupidity and being so Childest with all the hatre and jealousy , those will come and your soul one day

  11. I don’t know how I feel about the voice artist dubbing for Lee Min Ho… But I guess getting a voice artist to dub Tang Yan’s voice is understandable since it might be a bit strange for her badass character to have a sweet voice (her natural voice). What surprises me the most is that Wallace Chung’s voice isn’t dubbed, unlike what happens in most of his works.

  12. I can’t wait to watch this movie since I love both Wallace Chung and Tang Yan in My Sunshine (such an amazing drama :)) hope this movie will be great!

  13. I hate that dubbed voice, not pleasing to the ears! I can not watch any Chinese drama since I started with Kdrama because of that! especially on a Korean actor whose voice I am familiar with. I prefer the deep nice tone of both men and women actors in Kdramas. I understand there’s a lot of Chinese viewers but not for me ?

  14. I agree we should not compare him with other actors. You can’t compare Apple with Peach. I want to ask about his pending military duties. How can he do an action movie but escape the real military service. Does it mean most of his action scenes was done by someone else? Like going in the car, running a few kilometres, bending and jumping. Who wants to watch a Lee minho movie like that. I don’t know I used to like him but this military excuses is getting into me. They should investigate how can he do an action movie and yet got an excuse not to do the real thing.

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