Official Drama Posters and Third Teaser for Doctors Plays Up the Warm Human Connections

I see major flashbacks to Park Shin Hye‘s last drama Pinocchio, and it’s not something I sensed in early previews for Doctors but I totally sense it now with the official drama posters. It’s not a bad sort of flashback since I loved Pinocchio and also loved the posters, it just feels lazy that same network SBS resorted to such similar styling, posing, and vibe. The couples poster shows leads Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye laying facing each other in a comfortable home setting, while the main cast posters has the second leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung joining the leads arrayed in their best doctor pose.

There’s also a third and latest teaser preview to go along with the drama posters, this one showing rebel high school gangster Hye Jung’s conflict with high school medical advisor Hong Ji Hong, clearly playing the early days connection between the two that will grow into romance after their reunite as adults working in the same hospital. At least I hope the romance waits until then, I know how it’ll ick people out for the teacher-student crush angle so let’s hope it’s all mentorship until Hye Jung comes of age.

Third teaser for Doctors:


Official Drama Posters and Third Teaser for Doctors Plays Up the Warm Human Connections — 32 Comments

  1. Yes, they are laying down next to each other, but that’s literally the only similarity. The color, composition, and editing choices look completely different from Pinocchio. Also, this poster shows them in a casual moment when they are laughing and listening to music together, Pinocchio was more fantastical because they were on literal clouds and staring at each other in side profile.

  2. I love pinocchio too, and i think the story of pinocchio and doctors also have similiarity, coming of age story, about youth and growth with a touch of romances. But i love this kind of story. And park shin hye- hye jung and kim rae won-ji hong already stole my heart from the teasers alone. So excited for this

  3. Park shin bye can’t act to save her life,she is not pretty either ..she has only been in one good drama and that was ur beautiful a drama DT broadcasted seven years ago.I don’t see this drama doing well cos she can’t ride on the fame of an it k drama actor on this one .

    • Save this comment when doctors has finished it’s broadcast and it flop hard. Lol flower boy next door did just fine back then without ‘it’ boy. Even jeon do yeon said she watched shin hye in fbnd religiously and said it was fun to her. I guess you are somewhat have higher opinion/judgement on acting than the queen jeon do yeon. No matter what you said majority of knet love her as an actress and she IS pretty to them.

      • Let’s not act like joen du hyun is Meryl streep or anything ……the best actors in k drama are sadly those that are underated .Queen dowager in empress ki ,the lead actress for it is OK that’s love and song hye jin ….now those people can really act .

      • It’s jeon do yeon, not jeon du hyun. And can you tell me who is song hye jin? I never listen about this actress. Maybe you tried to say Son Ye Jin? LOL You’re such a specialist about kdramas.

      • @hye jin seems like you have no ideal who is the real queen is. Google jeon do yeon. It’s not too hard.
        And yes that queen praised PSH who you said can’t act to save her life.

      • @hye jin Oh damn you are right! Those are the best kdrama actresses and jeon do yeon does not belong to them as all she did are movies. She swept best actress awards for movie category at least 30. I guess you are not following kmovie scene because if you do, you know tht acting in kmovie is always on another level than kdrama and unlike kdrama awards, the award bodies in kmovie & film rarely sleep on the underdogs.

    • oh it’s just your opinion, I think she acts brilliantly especially her crying scenes. It’s so good that the writer of Heirs had to write more of those scenes for her. She is a total natural beauty. All her dramas has sold well overseas including her early day ones without so called ‘it’ actors such as Tree of Heaven so no one is forcing you to watch it.

    • haha it’s not too late if you say this 3 month later.
      Flop or not, she is one of a few young actresses can get a female centric drama on her own. First was FBND and now this.
      It’s something to note

    • Well, she’s pretty . She reminds me Yoon eun hye in his earlier days. But i agree his acting is just average like a lot of a korean actresses … but they are working for dramas not for great movies so they can’t show their potential.

    • Ok ! nous parlons d’actrices qui jouent dans des dramas qui sont formatés pour un certain public . On ne leur demande pas de grandes performances. …Et je ne critique pas Park shin hye. D’ailleurs je l’aime bien . Mais succès ne veux pas dire talent!!!

      • Sorry for my post in french. my English is very bad. i discovered your blog a few years ago… And i love to read yours posts everyday. Thank you and i’ll never post again because of my bad English . Thanks to everyone who shares their opinion. With love from France … I’d like to have the same thing here!!!

  4. Some said she cannot act, some said kissing a dead fish some said she cannot sing and some said she is overrated but all still watching her drama why why why !!!

  5. Some said she cannot act, some said she cannot kiss, some said she cannot sing and some said she is overrated but all still watching her drama.

  6. Why any articles related to shin hye got haters? I don’t know why but so obvious that they envy her…that’s the only explanation. Go shin hye go …fighting ?

  7. hi there, i am interested to know know if you made any commentaries yet on jang keun suk? i just discovered your site just now and in here, it’s kind of refreshing for me to be able to freely give comments/reactions abt. jks without fear of being attacked or ostracized from my membership with all the jks fans club/s.

  8. Seriously for she is like this why are you bothering your majesty to enter here please she can act , she has her own beauty and will able to make this drama go well bcz before she had drama like FBND did well honey so if you hate her just don’t say Un Nessasry things show yourignorance only.

  9. I am going to wait until the first two episodes to cast my judgement but I’m slightly disappointed from the teasers. I though PSH would be like a baddie like the mom from Angry mom but this role is basically the same as she has always played. The girl next door.

  10. Out of all four teasers, only the second one mentions Ji-Hong waited for her for 10 years, all the others really do not point to any romance during their younger years so all this talk about teacher loving the student first is too early to say.

  11. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off

    Shake it off guys! Stop the hate 🙂

    Fighting doctors!
    Shinhye unnie is very kind and talented actress, she don’t deserve any hate comments.

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